Identity Theft Review Website Collects More Than 100 Real Customer Reviews becomes the number one source for user reviews on identity theft companies


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- (BIDTC) has more customer reviews and ranked identity theft companies than any other review site.

Currently, BIDTC has 86 companies rated and 130 real customer reviews, and both numbers are growing every day. values customers’ opinions and hold it to be one of the most important factors when ranking a company. The average score of user reviews for a company reflects approximately 15 percent of a company’s overall score.

Each company or service has a user review section where current or past customers can comment, rate and review their experience. BIDTC strictly moderates each consumer review that is submitted so that visitors get the facts from a trusted source of real, verified customers.

User reviews prove to have a big impact on how companies are ranked on BIDTC as they score as high as a 9.7 in user reviews and others can score as low as 0.5 in user reviews.

Customers can find honest comments that praise a company and recommend their service or reflect on a troublesome experience with a company.

“I subscribed to LifeLock after I learned that somebody used my credit card and bought things on the Internet maybe six years ago,” said BIDTC user Cindy. “[I] really like the alerts I get from [LifeLock] periodically via email informing me whether my information has been compromised or not. I also receive phone calls when there are unknown suspicious activity.”

Other comments may not be in favor of a company, but sheds some light on their frustrating experience.

“The problem I have with Equifax is trying to get a hold of someone you can understand,” said BIDTC user Anita. “This makes me very nervous that all these people on the other side of the world have my Social Security number and personal information.”

About BestIDTheftCompanys investigates all companies with identity theft services or products in the industry. The BIDTC team examines certain factors before appropriately ranking them. allows users, experts and companies to have a voice regarding identity theft services.

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