Idol Lash Eye Lash Grower Has Become the Darling of Models and Celebrities Who Want to Grow Longer Eyelashes


Kingston, Jamaica -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer, a member of the Natural Products Association, and in business since 2002, has found a huge and loyal following among women ranging from ages 18 - 80! This Health and Beauty-Products company produces a serum which women have been using to re-grow lost eyelashes and enhance their natural beauty for over ten (10) years now. The company has listed a number of positive steps it has taken to ensure efficacy and satisfaction among its many customers.

There are other serums on the market, that but Idol Lash has established a long track record among women, and its flag-ship product is now internationally recognized. The company manufactures its products in the USA, and has done its own clinical trials on a wide ranging age group of target users. Idol lash has proven to regrow eyelashes as well as eyebrows in two (2) to four (4) weeks. The results of their clinical studies are published on their website for all to study and analyze. Woman who actually purchase and apply the product in as little as 5 minutes, once a day, are seeing encouraging results, which only serves to widen the appeal and use of Idol Lash as an eyelash enhancer and re-grower.

Enjoying wide media coverage on Fox, ABC News, CNN, CBS, and other media outlets, Idol Lash has been finding its most vocal and ardent fans among women in the beauty industry such as models, celebrities, and the thousands of aspirants worldwide.

Described as a fast-acting cosmetical eyelash stimulator and conditioner, Idol lash is made from a list of industry-approved ingredients that are listed right on the website as well. This means, no guessing about what is in the product. Simply do research on the ingredients to establish a level of comfort in using these ingredients. One will be comforted to see items such as cocoyl, chamomile extract, keratin, and vitamins listed among the ingredients in Idol Lash eyelash enhancer.

Beware of false claims when it comes to eyelash enhancers. Idol lash has established certain boundaries that they believe should not be crossed, when selling similar products to the market. For example, there are claims elsewhere that a product can thicken your eyelashes. This is anatomically impossible! The makers of idol lash have clearly stated this on their website, as they are also weary of making claims without proof. Users of Idol Lash understand that they can grow lashes with proper nutrition and even achieve thicker-looking eyelashes. The difference though is simply in appearance, as the number of your eyelashes will most likely increase as you use this product.

We recommend that one always read the fine print before buying any product, and Idol Lash is no exception. In order to offer you superb value when purchasing their product, Idol lash also offers a free-pack for qualified buyers who purchase their minimum quantities. If for any reason you do not wish to use the product after purchase, request a refund of money in 90 days from the date of purchase. Follow the refund policy guidelines on the website. Also, visit the Idol Lash website here.

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