Idol Lash - How to Get Super Long Celebrity-Like EyeLashes Without Eyelash Extensions


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2013 -- Idol Lash is one of the leading sought after cosmetics with scientifically formulated ingredients. Idol Lash is made for every woman who yearns for longer and thicker lashes to up the glam factor in a matter of weeks. Manufactured by a facility based in the US, Idol Lash is a star product verified as well as recommended by doctors.

Eyelashes may lose their volume and turn thin with the process of aging. But prematurely losing lashes is caused by a number of reasons. The first and foremost is makeup. When mascara or any other product is applied to the lashes, it tends to weaken the lash roots. Failure to remove the mascara or leaving on makeup overnight also causes damage to the lashes and they fall out or decrease in volume. Another reason may be that a person inherits genetically thinner lashes from their parents. The lashes may not be damaged but the volume can be increased using the right product which does not harm or contain negative side effects.

About Idol Lash
Idol Lash is a good choice for women who want dark, thick and long lashes naturally. The product enhances growth of eyelashes which is proven by research to give dramatic results in a matter of weeks. In a group study of fifteen women aged 25 to 80 years, a conditioning product with 10% Idol Lash was tested for a period of 2 weeks. Users applied the product nightly with a single coat on the upper and lower lash. Results began to appear in the second week of the trial period while at the end of the month, the eyelash growth and density increased by 85 percent and none of the group participants reported side effects. An approximate 25% increase in lash length was also noted.

Before application, it is essential for the user to clean away any traces of make up. The Idol Lash tube comes with an eyelash brush similar to that of a mascara, which makes application of Idol Lash as easy as putting on regular eye makeup. Care must be taken that the liquid does not drip or fall into the eyes as it may cause irritation and if such an incident occurs, the eyes should be flushed immediately with water. Those women who have sensitive skin may experience irritation due to usage and should cease using the product at once.

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