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iDrunk Creator Launches a Crowdfunding Project on Indiegogo


West Long Branch, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- In hopes of raising $24,000 Michael Burke, creator of the iDrunk Personal USB/Bluetooth Breathalyzer has launched a crowdfunding project on the popular Indiegogo site. Equipped for use on a personal computer or smartphone the iDrunk Breathalyzer will block posting privileges to social networking sites when the user is too intoxicated to write a comprehensible and appropriate post. Utilizing special software the iDrunk will surely solve a myriad of issues when making one’s self known during a compromised state. “Our product is a technological breakthrough in this day and age of social media.” said Michael Burke, CEO of 4 Wizard, LLC. “It will soon be the safeguard everyone reaches for. We hope investors will agree.”

The iDrunk product will also block the intoxicated consumer from uploading videos, making wagers on online gambling sites and making impulse purchases. The revolutionary product also sees to it that one cannot perform various other acts of questionable judgment while online. “Basically this product thinks for consumers when consumers can’t think for themselves.” added Burke.

Using patent pending hardware and software the iDrunk will notice attempts to post to the internet and will prompt users to blow into their nip-bottle housed breathalyzer. Unlike products that rely on dexterity skills to test inebriation, the iDrunk uses a specially designed electronic breathalyzer that measures blood alcohol content. The product will then communicate sobriety levels via USB or Bluetooth technology and only allow posts to the internet if the user is sober.

Currently the iDrunk Personal USB/Bluetooth Breathalyzer works with browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Additionally, the iDrunk product will work for any website where data can be sent. Specifically it comes pre-programed to block posts to Twitter and Facebook. “We at iDrunk are socially conscience all the way across the board. We want to strongly remind everybody that being sober enough to post does not mean being sober enough to drive.” added Burke.

The Indiegogo project perks include a merchandise raffle, tee-shirts with the “i Drink i Drank iDrunk” tag line, the iDrunk Personal USB/Bluetooth Breathalyzer, the chance to become the company’s beta-tester, and lifetime support and upgrades.

iDrunk is a registered trademark of 4 Wizard LLC

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