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Idsca's Price Per Head Services Process 1 Million Transactions, Company Opens 3rd Office in Panama


Costa Rica -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2012 -- Leading bookmaking services company IDSca (International Data Solutions) announced that their price per head services has crossed over 1 million transactions. IDSca also announced the opening of their 3rd office in Panama, which will primarily be concentrating on Disaster Management activities.

The feat of having done over 1 million transactions in the Price per Head services is considered by the IDSca management as a major milestone achievement for the company. “It becomes all the more relevant considering the short span of time within which this was achieved”, said IDSca’s spokesperson David Rose. The company regards it as a reiteration of the confidence and trust placed in them by bookmakers as well as players. “This will clearly help in accelerating our market-expansion strategy”, he added.

The concept of price per head was initially met with a lot of skepticism as people found it quite complicated and difficult to understand. But this has changed over time, owing to pioneers like IDSca who started providing the service in a transparent manner. It basically involves an onshore bookmaker supplying services to his clientele in an anonymous manner with the help of an automated internet based system. A bookmaker who gets associated with a pay per head services company makes use of their online system by assigning a password and the PIN to his clients, along with paying a modest weekly fee that is charged by the service providing company. Thus, when bookmakers have to just pay some small sum of money for competing with the largest bookmakers of this world, they strive towards obtaining Price per Head services. The customers of the bookmakers also find such kind of services as quite easy and convenient to go with when they have 24/7 access towards selecting their favorite sport for wagering and can also make use of additional facilities like technical support, client services and the call center.

Live Betting is another area that IDSca specializes in and has lead to significant growth for the company. “We render a number of features that establishes us as the only company that provides live betting in its true sense. This segment of our services has regularly seen triple digit growth over the last ten quarters”, David said about the company’s live-betting service. They maintain a live betting real-time console that shows all the games that are in-play, the upcoming games, selected wagers, and all markets available, on one screen and with the BetSlip, multiple wagers can be entered easily and quickly. The live betting console updates automatically when a line changes, or a game begins, or a live betting prop changes. This saves players from the trouble of downloading programs for the live betting functionality as the live betting console is HTML compliant.

David also stressed that IDSca’s Live Betting Services comes with a number of differentiating features that sets them apart from similar services provided by competitors. The company considers real-time Grading as one of the most distinguishing features they offer. Here, wagers are graded instantly as results are updated automatically and the company claims that the live betting in-play grading is provided by the industry’s best sports information services providing official real-time play-by-play stats and scores results. Other unique features include Extended Live Game Coverage, Live Props throughout the whole match, a Real-time Score Board, and a Multi-Language facility that offers the content of live-betting in various languages, including English, Spanish, French and Chinese. “All this makes our live-betting service unmatched and unparalleled when compared to our competitors and have materialized the success we have had. Going forward these will mark the prime agents of growth for the company”, David affirmed.

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IDSca, founded in 1997, are pioneers in providing services to land-based sports advisors. The quality of their services and the excellent customer-care has brought them the reputation of being one of best and most trusted price per head service providers in the world. To learn more about the company and their services, please visit http://www.idsca.com/.

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