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If There Is a Loving God, Why Do Bad Things Happen? Compelling Upcoming Book Answers Life's Ultimate Question; Exposing Solution to End Suffering

Written by Robert Gabriel, this ground-breaking new book uses concrete data and facts to address and explore the bad things that happen every day. At the same time, it answers life’s most burning question – why do they happen? Written for both the secular and Christian audiences, ‘If There Is A Loving God, Why Do Bad Things Happen?’ also takes the bold step of providing solutions to life’s suffering. Is a quick fix possible? Read on…


Highlands Ranch, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Nobody can deny that bad things happen every day; from simple turns of misfortune to major disasters that inflict global suffering. In his new book, ‘If There Is A Loving God, Why Do Bad Things Happen?’, Robert Gabriel puts many of these plights under the spotlight to not only explore the true reasons behind their cause, but to explore ways of fixing them.

The book addresses both history and humanity’s most burning question through fact and solid data, rather than conjecture and opinion. Through sixteen gripping chapters readers will dive into the causes of natural disasters, school shootings, epidemic illness and much more. This could be the most important book of a generation.

“I cover just about every misfortune you can think of; taking an objective look at how they happen,” explains Gabriel. “Regardless of their religious belief, people always want to know why bad things happen. Christians question why God allows the pain and non-believers use this to discredit any evidence of a higher power. I tie it all together to explore the real causes and then provide solutions to ease and end all suffering.”

Continuing, “I’ve experienced real suffering, so am in a great place to be writing this book. For two decades I battled cancer and endured two brain surgeries, three back surgeries, years of chemo, maxed out on radiation, rehab, learning to walk again, and many, many more pain and suffering moments. Throughout this, people always wondered how God allowed me to get sick, if he was supposed to love me. I then realized just how universal this question was, as well as the burning urgency for someone to address it.”

As Gabriel explains, the book encompasses all walks of life and belief systems; with nobody excluded.

“If you’re lost, my book will help you find the direction you crave. If your heart is broken it will allow you to understand why the pain happened in the first place and how you can fight it head-on. Everyone will turn the last page with a new view on the world and will be inspired to fix the bad things around them. Let’s face the facts and do something about them” he adds.

‘If There Is A Loving God, Why Do Bad Things Happen?’ is due for release in mid-August, in both paperback and eBook formats.

About Robert Gabriel
Robert has spent the past thirty years managing teams of all shapes and sizes within Corporate America. He has worked with customers that range from one consumer through to businesses found in the Fortune 50.

Gabriel has lived on the west coast- California, the east coast- North Carolina, and now in the middle- Colorado.