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iFinity Wireless Speakers Deliver the Best Sound Possible for a Tempting Price


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2016 -- iFinity Wireless Speakers work with varying degrees of success as it lets people stream music throughout their homes and even out in the open air. It works by pairing, so a device can only stream to a single speaker set at a time. It can run on rechargeable batteries, making them easier to carry around the house or set up hilltop or in the open. People no longer have to start drilling hole through walls to run long speaker cable. The wireless signal easily goes through walls and ceilings. Moreover, these speakers offer fuller sound, richer bass and they are extremely handy options to just set in the compartment and use whenever people want to listen to music at home, considered to be one of its best features. iFinity Wireless Speakers stay within range of people's home network so it can respond to voice commands and play music without a local source at all times. In addition, these speakers deliver the best sound possible for a strikingly tempting price. They focus on bringing a touch of luxury with its detailed musical performance, strong build and tremendous looks. It is not completely necessary for people to be a pro to install the iFinity speakers. They do not need to start a big cabling project either to distribute music throughout their home. All they have to do is stream music to the top of four wireless speakers per transmitter to cover additional rooms in the house.

iFinity Wireless Speaker's rich bass response, great detailing and crystal-clear mid-range make it beyond compare and second to none, either as a standalone wireless speaker or part of a multi-room setup. These speakers have two dedicated ultra-low-distortion power amplifiers built in, one is for the woofer and the other is for the tweeter. These amps churn out 80 Watts of clean RMS power without breaking a sweat. People can now put their iFinity Wireless Outdoor Speakers anywhere within transmission range and not have to worry about catching on or hiding wires that lead back to the system. People who want to set up a speaker system on their patio, deck or swimming pool area, iFinity Wireless Speakers may be just what they are looking for.

About iFinity Wireless Speakers
iFinity Wireless Speakers focus on bringing a touch of luxury with its detailed musical performance, strong build and crystal-clear mid-range.

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