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Iggy's Lark: Family Values, Street Cred & Congress Collide in Bold New Political Novel. Can Bipartisan Politics Really Survive?

Written by Bart Tesoriero, ‘Iggy’s Lark’ takes one street-wise family man and transforms him into a colorful, bold, and illustrious Congressman. As his tumultuous career faces roadblocks from the press, red tape and fellow colleagues, protagonist Iggy doesn’t veer from his unwavering goal – to leave the world a better place than he found it. However, can this new breed of Congressman beat Washington’s ingrained culture of defeat?

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Staten Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- As strange as it sounds, millions across the nation believe that Capitol Hill would be a better place if it wasn’t for all of the politics. As the country grapples with Washington and its cultures, a recently-released novel explores how a new breed of Congressmen could affect great change from coast to coast.

However, as with anything involving public opinion and the media – ‘Iggy’s Lark’ proves that it won’t be easy.

This work of political fiction is the memoir of Ignatius (Iggy) Palmari, a gruff, street-wise family man who has achieved modest success in life. He has no prior political background or knowledge, but decides to run for Congress to fill some spare time and to settle an old score with his incumbent Congressman. Outlandish campaign stunts and publicity combine with unexpected events to propel him to victory as an independent Congressman. He quickly creates controversy as he learns that the press is quick to make headlines out of a few ill-chosen words.

He comes to realize that Congress is not much different from the streets of the Italian-American neighborhood of his youth, as he laments “The grown up bully doesn't take your lunch, he takes you pride. You still have bullies, and you still have to send messages. You still have to fight like hell for your place on the planet, and you still need some people to like you, and you still need some people to fear you. And when they know you’re crazy, they still don’t mess with you.”

With alliances forged from some very diverse corners, he creates an environment where congress can act in a non-partisan way, and shows how lofty goals can be reached when politics is removed from the equation. His rises to prominence drew heavily on the strength gained from his stabilizing wife and family, but his success takes a deep and tragic toll on his family. He falls from power when he settles the score the way scores were settled in his old neighborhood.

The author explains that his book doesn’t attempt to make a political statement or fuel debate, but rather provide contrast to the current highly-divided congress.

“It is as much about family as it is politics. Iggy shuns historical political practices and instead opts for a simple problem-solving approach to many pertinent issues that include healthcare. It’s a very simple and realistic approach that first identifies the problem and then musters support for solving it. But, here’s the big difference, the solution itself is then left to experts outside of the world of politics,” says Tesoriero.

Continuing, “Everything is driven by the love of his family and a desire for change. Iggy’s attitude towards his position in public office is entirely fresh – ironically solving political issues by injecting less politics into them. It’s a narrative that everyone can learn from.”

Early reviews for the book are overwhelmingly positive. For example, Vanessa Bruno writes; “This is a funny but relatable story about family and politics. A really entertaining book and great read for anyone!”

Ishmael was equally as impressed, adding, “Iggy’s Lark is a fun read and it’s worth taking a lark of your own for a trip from Staten Island to Washington DC and meet the characters that inhabit the underbelly of both cultures. “Family values” in every sense, pervade it all and, for better or worse, tie Iggy’s Lark into a meaningful adventure.”

‘Iggy’s Lark’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1chsZrn.

About Bart Tesoriero
This is the first full-length novel by Author Bart Tesoriero, whose previous writing’s have been short essays and business topics relating to a specialized niche where he serves as an auditor and independent consultant. He shares many of the same demographics as his lead character, Iggy, having been born and raised in the same Italian-American neighborhood in Brooklyn, and raising his family in suburban Staten Island, the setting for most of the action. His second full-length novel is coming soon.