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Ignition for Cognition: DoodleLoops Unleashes a Child's True Learning and Creative Potential Now Parents, Teachers, & Homeschoolers Can Get Two Free DoodleLoops Books


Lansing, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2016 -- DoodleLoops, a unique educational book series and learning tool designed to teach and strengthen reading and language arts skills while promoting creativity in elementary aged children, is thrilled to announce a new set of free, immediately downloadable resources available to Parents, Teachers, and Homeschoolers. In support of a newly revised and expanded second edition series of workbooks, DoodleLoops has released two new digital publications packed with dozens of reproducible blackline masters representing each book in the series.

The DoodleLoops series was created by Sandy Baker, a learning specialist, accomplished illustrator and longtime educator, and is based on the educational premise that open-ended self-expression and drawing opportunities promote and facilitate the processes necessary for writing and reading skills to develop and expand. Children from Pre-K through the 6th grade level are inspired to learn, explore and improve their skills through this engaging and dynamic approach to education. The "Baker Method" combines creativity, drawing, and expressive language skills to deliver an exciting and fun learning experience that its creator calls "Ignition for Cognition."

Parents, Teachers, and Homeschoolers can receive FREE DoodleLoops Collection packs to empower their kids with the Joy of Learning to Create and Creating to Learn. The free books, with 50+ DoodleLoops pages in each, represent just a small sampling of the hundreds of learning pages available across the 10-book series.

About the Creator of DoodleLoops, Sandy Baker
Sandy Baker is an educator, published author, illustrator, workshop facilitator, and consultant with over forty years of teaching experience! Sandy served as a classroom teacher for grades K through 2 for 37 years. She now has a large personal tutoring practice, which spans Pre-K through the eighth grade. She has developed a literature-based reading program for grades K through 3; and has conducted workshops, lectures and seminars all over the United States on her DoodleLoops series and literature-based reading instruction. Sandy is passionate about making learning more meaningful and exciting. She has achieved her passion through the creation of DoodleLoops!

Parents, Teachers, & Homeschoolers can access both of the free DoodleLoops Books at:

Phone: (312) 869-4548
Address: DPC, box 760, Lansing, IL, 60438