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In a recent announcement, Instagram developers announced that users are soon going to have even more exciting changes in their beloved app, the team is constantly at work to improve the user experience. For a very long time, Instagram has been under fire for their handling of abuse. The new update that is expected to reach users within the next few weeks will address this issue head on. According to the developers, the current and upcoming updates will enable users to turn off comments on certain posts, including new and old post. The users will be able to turn off comments on certain post through the advanced options when posting a picture or video. Furthermore, users will also have to options to remove unwanted followers which will provide people a greater control over who sees their posts and updates.

The number of users on Instagram is constantly growing, however, it can be tough to gather enough likes, comments or follows for the common users, especially for new or small online businesses. IgramLikes service has been designed especially to make it simpler and less time consuming to buy instagram followers cheap.

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