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iHealth Announces the Launch of a Brand New Product Called NatraPro


Queensland, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- iHealth, a company based in Australia that offers a wide selection of high quality life enhancement products, has just announced that they are adding a new product to their online store early next year. Called NatraPro Plus and created by Health 2u, it is a superfood plus essential protein formula that was developed by a team of Naturopathic Physicians over the past five years.

NatraPro Plus features a variety of health promoting and all-natural ingredients, including non-GMO rice, pea protein, acai berry, grape seed extract and chia seeds. For those who are looking for a healthy and natural boost to their daily diet, NatraPro Plus will be sure to deliver.

Since the day iHealth opened for business, they have strived to offer their customers the finest products at the most affordable prices. For example, one of the company’s most popular and innovative range of products is called Cellfood. As an article on the company’s website, www.ihealth.net.au, noted, the Cellfood in Australia from iHealth contains a plethora of healthy ingredients, including Dissolved Oxygen, 17 amino acids, 34 enzymes, and 78 ionic minerals.

“Unlike other products, people around the world can take Cellfood regardless of their health condition,” an article on the iHealth website noted, adding that people who are taking blood thinning medications should check with their doctor before taking Cellfood.

“It helps provide universal nutrition for every human being. This makes it stand out among other superfood formulations.”

Those who are sleep deprived, drink alcohol, smoke, eat a less than ideal diet and/or want to feel more energetic may benefit from regularly taking Cellfood. As the article explained, most people who use the product report noticing a definite increase in their alertness, attention span and ability to handle stress.

Anybody who would like to learn more about iHealth is welcome to visit the user-friendly website at any time; there, they can read more about the vast selection of health-promoting products that they carry.

About iHealth
After more than 15 years of research and product development, iHealth brings their customers the very finest in quality life enhancement products at affordable prices. The company’s secure online store is the latest evolution of the renowned iHealth E-store. Well known for their range of the unique Cellfood line; iHealth is the next generation online store staffed by Qualified Health Professionals with a goal to bring no nonsense, high powered products direct to the public. Each product featured has been carefully selected and is available at special prices making better health more affordable. For more information, please visit http://www.ihealth.net.au/