iHostGatorCoupons.net Launches to Help Consumers Save 25% or More off HostGator Web Hosting Packages


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2012 -- HostGator.com is one of the world’s most popular web hosts. Since 2002, HostGator has helped web developers of all sizes access the web hosting and dedicated server packages they need in order to manage their websites.

While HostGator prides itself on offering easy and affordable web hosting, one site http://iHostGatorCoupons.net has launched to drive down the cost of Hostgator web hosting by offering discount codes that can be used on numerous web hosting packages.

iHostGatorCoupons.net aims to offer the best coupons available rather than hundreds of similar coupons. Currently they feature three unique market leading coupon codes. One coupon code helps customers get 25% off their total order so is particularly useful for large orders. This coupon will be particularly useful for those who are ordering a one-year or two-year web hosting package, or for those who are paying for multiple months of dedicated hosting.

Another coupon allows website owners to access one cent pricing on their website for the first month. HostGator customers can order a web hosting package for six months, one year, two years, or three years, and receive their first month for just a single penny.

And finally, the third coupon on iHostGatorCoupons.net provides $24.94 off any reseller hosting package. Reseller hosting can be purchased by those who wish to start their own web hosting company using HostGator servers. With packages starting at $24.95 per month, the $24.94 discount effectively provides the first month of reseller hosting for a single penny.

A spokesperson explained why HostGator is one of the world’s most popular web hosts:

“We chose to create a site about HostGator coupon codes because we feel that HostGator offers the best hosting options for any type of website owner. From the small website manager who only needs to operate a single domain to the business manager who controls a network of thousands, HostGator always seems to offer the best prices and most reliable uptime. As such, we’re proud to offer HostGator coupon codes to the online community.”

One of the biggest advantages of http://iHostGatorCoupons.net is that visitors don’t have to do anything to unlock the codes. There are no special promotions to fill out, and visitors don’t even have to enter their email. Instead, the codes are listed directly at the top of the front page. The website promises that visitors can simply type these codes into HostGator.com during checkout and immediately access powerful savings opportunities.

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iHostGatorCoupons.net offers unique coupon codes for web hosting company HostGator.com. These codes can help HostGator customers save a significant amount of money off of every order. For more information, please visit: http://ihostgatorcoupons.com