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ijailbreak3gs.com Launches, Will Give iPhone 3gs Jailbreak Tips and Hacks


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2012 -- ijailbreak3gs.com’s launch will be a delight to many iPhone owners as tips and hacks on jailbreaks will be available. The website has already provided various hacks on their website and has listed software to jailbreak the iPhone 3gs.

Mike Boyd, the media spokesperson of ijailbreak3gs, was asked on the motive of the website, “We wanted to create a medium where jailbreaking experts could share their tips and techniques. Our objective was to answer the query of how to jailbreak iphone 3g. Thus we created this website to guide iphone owners who had decided to jailbreak their phone.”

Founded by Robbie Crowe, the website has also reviewed 3 programs that can jailbreak iphone 3g and jailbreak iphone 3gs. According to these reviews Unlock Easy, Automatic iPhone Unlocker and iJailbreakTool are the top 3 software to jailbreak iphone 3g. Mike Boyd was further asked what the advantages of jailbreaking were and why people consider applying it to their iphones, “There are two main advantages of jailbreaking. First being the ability to use famous apps that are unauthorized by Apple and second unlocking the iPhone such that desirable SIM can be used. Some people like their phone to have unlimited capability of using apps, hence they jailbreak their phones to bypass the restrictions. iPhone owners who change countries or buy iphones from other countries have no option but to jailbreak their phone so it can be used with the local service provider.”

Other than information on iphone 3gs jailbreak the website also gives latest news on jailbreaking. It has mentioned a jailbreak conference that was held in San Francisco where prominent hackers met together and discussed their strategies.

With popularity of jailbreaking iphones increasing we asked Mike Boyd what they had planned for the future, “We will update the readers on latest jailbreak hacks and introduce software that are useful. Articles or information from famous jailbreakers will also be published. Tips and strategies will be frequently posted to unleash the capabilities of the iPhone.”

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ijailbreak3gs Inc provides latest news on jailbreaks, and tips and tricks to jailbreak iPhone.
Their online platform is, http://www.ijailbreak3gs.com/, which was launched in 2011.

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