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Ijailbreak4s.com Publishes Findings of Study, Ranks Top 3 Software to Jailbreak iPhone 4 and 4S


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2012 -- In an attempt to help iPhone owners jailbreak their phones, ijailbreak4s.com has reviewed and ranked 3 programs that can jailbreak iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The website has also suggested various tips and tricks on how to jailbreak iPhone.

The review stated that the 3 software were ranked on the basis of iphone customers’ responses. According to the review, the software work on other Apple products such as the iPad, iPod Touch and various versions of the iPhone. It is advised by the website not to jailbreak the phone by oneself as it can cause mishaps such as erasing apps, contacts or files. They added that in some cases, self jailbreaking has also led to bricking the phone, making it completely useless.

The website, which was founded by Robbie Crowe, answers the question of how to jailbreak iphone 4s easily, by recommending using jailbreaking service providers. Jailbreak service providers have the latest software and more importantly have customer support to ensure the phones safety, says the review. It is also stated that the process of jailbreak can be completed in short period of time by using the providers.

Unlock Easy, Jailbreak Unlock and iJailbreak Tool are the 3 programs recommended by the website to jailbreak iphone 4s and jailbreak iphone 4, with Unlock Easy receiving the top most spot. The reason for Unlock Easy’s top position, according to the review, is due to the fact that it not only jailbreaks the phone but also unlocks it. The review elaborates on what the difference between jailbreak and unlock is, “To Jailbreak your iPhone means giving it some extra functionality by allowing it to accept 3rd party apps and To Unlock your iPhone will allow you to use whatever SIM card you want with it – from any carrier or country.” Money back guarantee, ease of use, exceptional customer support and quickness of process also helped Unlock Easy gain 1st position, says the review.

Jailbreak Unlock also performs both iphone 4s jailbreak and unlocking, yet its processing time and slow responding customer support were unappreciated, the review stated. iJailbreak Tool’s confusing layout and prolonged processing time was responsible for its last position, concludes the review.

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