Joe Bragg Tells Visitors How to Jailbreak Any iPhone in 5 Minutes


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2012 -- The iPhone is one of the most popular pieces of technology on the planet. However, many users are frustrated with the restrictiveness of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. iOS prevents users from customizing their iPhone beyond basic settings like the wallpaper, and users can only download apps that have been officially approved by Apple’s App Store.

For all of these reasons, more and more iPhone users are choosing to jailbreak their devices. features a wealth of information about jailbreaking any type of iPhone in five minutes or less. The website features information about automatic software that will safely and easily jailbreak an iPhone with just a few clicks.

Using these iPhone jailbreak software programs, even someone with limited technical knowledge can learn how to jailbreak iPhone versions in just minutes. According to the website, most jailbreak software is able to easily jailbreak the iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s, and 5.

After finding an iPhone jailbreaking program, users simply connect their iPhone to their computers and run the application. Users don’t have to navigate through complex installation instructions or shady websites in order to find the files they need.

A spokesperson for explained another reason how the website seeks to help iPhone users around the world:

“Jailbreaking is becoming more and more popular every day. Thanks to automatic jailbreaking programs, any iPhone user with even the most limited technical knowledge can safely and easily jailbreak their device. Our website includes all of the information visitors need in order to liberate their iPhone – from finding the right software program to choosing the right jailbreaking apps.”

The also provides general information about the jailbreak iPhone process. Instead of recommending a specific type of iPhone jailbreak software, the website suggests some of the features to look for in good iPhone jailbreaking software. also explains how users can jailbreak the iPhone manually.

Of course, jailbreaking an iPhone is only part of the process. After performing a jailbreak, users will want to take full advantage of their new device by installing cool apps. The website includes a breakdown of some of the hottest jailbroken apps available from the Cydia store and other sources.

About provides information about automatic iPhone jailbreaking software. The website also includes information about the best apps and the benefits of jailbreaking. For more information, please visit: