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IKnow.fm Offers a Free IQ Test and Compares It with Famous People, Publishes Personality Growth Tips


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- IKnow.fm is offering a free IQ test to the general public and is comparing it with famous politicians, scientists, artists, actors, musicians, athletes and many more. The website is also a frequent publisher of various articles on personality development and tips on making daily living more effective and efficient. Many of the site’s visitors have praised the techniques provided and have claimed that their lives are now heading in the right direction.

The media spokesperson of IKnow.fm quoted on the website’s objective, “Success is greatly dependant on the personality one possesses. Intellectual capabilities and a healthy attitude is what separates the best from the rest. Our website is intended to bridge the gap between what an individual is right now and what they want to be. Many of our visitors are people who lack self confidence and are looking for means to gain individualistic success. The IQ test we are providing is more of a confidence builder tool. The test enables people to identify if it is indeed the intellectual capability they lack or just self confidence. Those with low IQ scores can glance through our brain training techniques and can build upon a desired IQ mark. However we found that it is usually the winning personality that is the missing element. Positive attitude and belief in oneself is the driving force that many people lack and through our website we want to help everyone reach their desired destination.”

The website, http://iknow.fm, has provided IQ scores of many famous individuals which the company stated is more of an incentive to make people take the IQ test. The company further informed that many of their visitors are often surprised with their score when compared with famous celebrities. However it is important to know that the IQ only assures that an individual has a high intellect and it is hard work and self-confidence that is the heart of success, added the company.

The articles on the website are based on various topics from tips on developing a dynamic personality to how using latest technology can be beneficial in daily lives. Certain tips on personal finance and how to manage money are also published on the site. Overall the site is a comprehensive guide on making improvements to one’s life and gaining the success one always craves.

About IKnow Inc
IKnow Inc is one of the leading companies that provides IQ tests and various articles on personal development. Through their online platform, http://iknow.fm/, the company offers a free IQ test and publishes articles on psychology, personal growth, health, technology and personal finance. The company’s website is known for its tips on daily living and for comparing IQ scores of individuals with famous people.

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