Illegal Subletting Is a Major Problem Says London Flat Share Experts RoomHunters

RoomHunters, who help people find rooms to rent and accommodation in London have set up a special information page on illegal and legal subletting. The information page has been published to help people understand the difference between illegal and legal subletting to avoid any laws being broken and to stop tenants being evicted.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2015 -- With the troubled economic crisis and the rise in the cost of living, which include the escalating rental prices in London, illegal subletting has become a huge problem. A Leading London Flat Share expert RoomHunters are advising people against illegal subletting, which could see them being evicted or breaking the law.

A spokesman for RoomHunters explained that private Landlords and local councils around the country have seen a huge increase in illegal subletting. Oxford Council, which is just one of the many councils who have a problem with unauthorized tenants and illegal sub-letting, issued an amnesty campaign in September. They advised any tenant who is illegally subletting should hand back their keys avoiding legal action, which could include a prison sentence or a large fine.

According to a recent report, over 3.3 million people are living in the UK as unofficial tenants. It is expected with the rise of property prices, rents, and the cost of living, in 2015 more council and private tenants will illegally sub-let their homes. However, not all subletting is illegal. As RoomHunters state on their subletting information page (, if a tenant has the permission from their Landlord, they can lawfully sub-let their home.

Illegal subletting has become a major problem for private Landlords. A spokesman for RoomHunters explained, "When a private landlord arranges for a set number of tenants for their property, they can estimate the wear and tear that could be caused. However, with illegal tenants, more damage could be caused to the property, costing the landlord money."

A lot of private tenants are subletting their homes illegally without knowing about it, for that reason they need to visit the RoomHunters website and learn if they are breaking their tenancy agreement. If they are, they could find themselves being evicted from their home. Some landlords do offer their tenants the opportunity to sub-let rooms in a property, they allow this to help pay for the rent and bills. However, as RoomHunters state, it is best to make sure where they legally stand before considering taking in any paying guest.

Tennants who would like to learn more about subletting and what they need to think about before considering having a paying guest, please visit

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