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Illes Seasonings and Flavors Praised Supplier Document Management from TraceGains

Illes Seasonings and Flavors Praised Supplier Document Management From TraceGains


Westminster, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- David F. Schauf, Vice President of Quality at Illes Seasonings & Flavors recently shared his experience with TraceGains. Illes is a third-generation family business that produces liquid and dry food products sold to food manufacturers and national restaurant chains. These products include glazes, marinades, rubs, sauces, sauce bases and flavors. The Texas facilities have been built to handle the volume demands of leading food producers and restaurant chains while the modern research and development center allows customers to sample custom products.

Illes Seasonings & Flavors had not really explored using any outside Supplier Document Management Systems before TraceGains. Schauf found TraceGains to be much more user friendly and non-burdensome to the firm’s suppliers. He noted that the technology solution was very comprehensive and easily customizable. The capability to cover virtually all aspects of vendor management has had significant impacts and he praised the technical support and innovation of TraceGains.

The most unique challenge was managing the vast number of vendors and ingredients dealt with as a custom seasoning and flavor company. There are several hundred ingredients and dozens of vendors every month. The company is not so large that it can staff to scrutinize the volume of data received (COAs, specs, certifications) to assure that everything is up to date and the data complete, accurate and correct. TraceGains provided the company with an efficient and relatively easy means of managing information without having to hire an army of clerks.

TraceGains is automatically applying data collection and making actionable decisions accordingly. Schauf reported, “One of the best aspects of the TraceGains approach is managing by exception. The software not only collects, files, and collates information for reference, but can generate reports on any areas of interest. This allows us to focus our attention on addressing real issues in a timely and effective manner.”

TraceGains, based in Colorado, creates supplier documents; a management solution which prevents "bad stuff" (out of specification ingredients) from arriving in the first place. Assuring that the correct supplier documents and certifications are on file, (such as allergen statement, kosher, SQF, and BRC) is also important to verify that the finished good food product is compliant with business policies and customer requirements.

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TraceGains, Inc. (, founded in 1998, is for quality, purchasing, product development, and other departments who are burdened with manually managing suppliers and documents. TraceGains delivers full service supplier, compliance, and regulatory document management solutions. Unlike manual, ERP, or traditional document systems, TraceGains extracts data from documents and automatically takes action.

Actionable intelligence is quickly leveraged for supply chain and ingredient optimization. By automatically reducing ingredient variability, finished goods are more easily and cost-effectively produced, while the cost of poor quality is significantly reduced. Charge-backs and stock-outs are kept to a minimum; purchasing and negotiating power with suppliers is increased. Follow TraceGains on Twitter at @tracegains.

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