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Illes Seasonings Featured on TraceGains Video

Illes Seasonings Featured on TraceGains Video


Westminster, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- David F. Schauf is the Vice President of Quality for the Illes Seasonings & Flavors Company speaks about the positive effects of working with TraceGains in a video recently released. The video can be seen at:

TraceGains, Inc. (, founded in 1998, is for quality, purchasing, product development, and other departments who are burdened with manually managing suppliers and documents. TraceGains delivers full-service supplier, compliance, and regulatory document management solutions, including FSMA and GFSI. Unlike manual, ERP, or traditional document systems, TraceGains extracts data from documents and automatically takes action.

Illes Seasonings & Flavors had not explored using any outside regulatory document management before TraceGains. “Our only real exposure to such entities was from the vendor aspect as some of our customers have such systems. From our standpoint, it is a very comprehensive and easily customizable. It has the capability to cover virtually all aspects of vendor management,” noted Schauf.

Schauf also commented that, “The efficiencies we have gained are in our ability to actually review all the data we receive on a regular basis. We have also been able to identify areas of improvement in dealing with some vendors that we might not have recognized until some issue occurred. It allows us an easier means of establishing and maintaining our own ingredient standards and compares them between the standards of various vendors for the same ingredient. We are better able to rate the services provided by vendors and establish meaningful scorecards. We expect even more efficiency improvements in the future as we expand the use of TraceGains systems to include more in the way of regular purchasing and receiving department interactions.”

Supplier documentation storage, whether in file cabinets or in digital formats, may satisfy regulatory retention requirements, but does little to systematically unlock the wealth of business, compliance, and regulatory information they contain and you require on a daily basis to operate successfully.

By automatically analyzing and scorecarding supplier-provided documentation as it is received—such as certificates of analysis, qualification questionnaires, audit documents and their results, certifications (Kosher, Organic, etc.), insurance certificates, allergen questionnaires, and other import requirements (COOL, C-TPAT, FSMA, GFSI), among others—TraceGains helps food and nutraceutical manufacturers and ingredient processors automate document management, meet regulatory and industry compliance requirements, identify best and worst suppliers, source better with less risk, automatically raise product quality, and painlessly perform or participate in audits, all without needing to involve the IT department to help with complex technology.

TraceGains customers experience on average a 56% reduction in out-of-spec lot receipts, and a 20% reduction in attribute variability, resulting in enhanced continuous improvement, better performing ingredient and raw material inventory, improved cash flow, and long-term brand protection. Follow TraceGains on Twitter at @tracegains.

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