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Illinois Entrepreneur Announces Content Locker - Innovative New WP Plugin; For Personalizing Shopping Experience and Boosting Conversions.

As the world’s first Wordpress plugin to offer a fully-personalized shopping experience, Content Locker is poised to change the digital e-commerce landscape forever.


Downers Grove, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- As an abundance of research proves, customers both demand and respond better to a personalized shopping experience. Wrapping this concept into a complete digital e-commerce solution is Content Locker and Content Locker Advanced – a new series of Wordpress plugins from inventor Steven D. Scalfani.

The plugin provides digital vendors with a suite of features to build instant rapport and increase sales through a personalized shopping experience.

At its heart, Content Locker boasts name and email templates to provide online shoppers with a fully personal greeting and checkout process. Coupled with questionnaires that learn and retain visitors’ buying habits, the plugin is set to change the course of online shopping forever.

“Content Locker and Content Locker Advanced allow your digital commerce website to make a personal connection with your customers. Imaging visiting a website that greets customers with “Welcome”, followed by the visitor’s name; In a split second, a personal connection is made between the website and its visitors,” explains Scalfani, who personally designed and worked with the outsourcing developer for this plugin.

He continues, “Content Locker software is a one-of-a-kind application for Wordpress allowing fast, efficient, and powerful digital E-commerce.”

To compliment its personalization features, the plugin comes with a complete e-commerce digital suite. Digital products can be instantly delivered following checkout through the platform’s integrated payment solution. Complimented with a 2-4 deep sales funnel, membership site options for product hosting, advanced password integration and audience targeting through fully customizable demographic options – Content Locker affords static e-commerce site owners the power to achieve faster growth and deeper customer trust.

“In addition to making it easy for shoppers, the Wordpress Content Locker plug-in makes it worry-free for merchants. This plug-in is simple to use and implement, and Content Locker Advanced offers customizable client questions to make tracking and targeting customer demographics a snap,” Scalfani adds.

Many within the e-commerce world are growing tired of juggling multiple platforms in order to provide their customers with an intuitive and safe shopping experience. Thanks to Content Locker, an all-in-one solution exists to carry customers from their initial visit through to check out, product delivery and repeat business.

The plugin is due to launch in early October.



About Steven Scalfani
Steven Scalfani has been working in the arena of internet marketing since 2009. His vision was to create a piece of software with real value, to stand apart from a lot of the ‘junk’ that exists on the market.