Illinois Tea Party Candidate for Congress Launches

Goes on Van Tour of District, Attacking Dem and GOP Establishment


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- In a campaign van bearing a giant banner outlining the failures of his opponent, Congressman Bill Foster, GOP Tea Party candidate for congress Ian Bayne drove his district Friday afternoon, end to end, stopping off at both his GOP and Democrat opponents district offices to post notices of their failures.

"A campaign is a war of ideas where there is a winner and a loser, a right and a wrong, and the American people are tired of failed economic policy being embraced and unopposed in the spirit of compromise," said Bayne."Obamacare, spending more money than you have, attacking small businesses, these are things government does that will destroy this country, I proudly oppose them and will never compromise to work with them."

Posting "notices of failure" to both his Democrat and primary Republican establishment opposition's district offices, Bayne says that this is exactly what Americans are looking for, opposition to the failed establishment political class.

Bayne says that recent polls showing historical opposition to congress is due to their inability to oppose these bad ideas.

"I cannot believe there is a debate over what to do when faced with a stupid idea," said Bayne. "What we're seeing right now is a failure of elected officials to understand that the citizens do not want to continue to embrace failed economic policy, they want it stopped, why is that so confusing?"

Bayne says the only group opposing bad ideas in congress are those who embrace the Tea Party label.

Bayne adds that recent polls showing less satisfaction with the Republican Party after Ted Cruz went on his anti-Obamacare tour, proves that Republicans were upset with the establishment Republican Party that opposed Cruz, not the other way around.

"To win as Republicans, we oppose and remove bad ideas and replace them with more freedom and less government."

Many Democrat operatives took notice of Bayne's district tour, including Foster's legislative director, who followed Bayne on Twitter during the event.

"We even snuck up next to Democrat State Senator Linda Holmes while she was texting and driving," added Bayne. "Democrats understand that their biggest threat is a grassroots campaign, not an establishment Republican that mirrors their failed policies and vows to help them implement them."

The district, Illinois' 11th, is made up mainly of Chicago's western and southern suburbs, including Joliet, Aurora, Naperville and Bolingbrook. Foster, who lost his seat in congress in 2010, claimed the 11th CD in 2012, defeating Judy Biggert, who had represented the district for decades.

About Ian Bayne
Ian Bayne, a small business owner and syndicated radio talk show host in 16 markets, is 39 years old and born in Illinois. He is a professional voiceover actor and SAG/AFTRA member. His businesses interests are investigations and real estate. He was formerly a Republican campaign consultant, nominee for Massachusetts Republican Party chairman, and served in the United States Army Reserve. His website is