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I'm Insured Launches New Website Offering Newly Expanded Range of Services

I’m Insured has increased the range of insurance products they offer to cover all consumer insurance needs and has re-equipped its website from the ground up to deliver the new services.


Cardiff, Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- Getting the best price for car insurance was supposed to be made easier by price comparison sites, which would evaluate the offers from many different insurance providers and present users with the best deals. Now, however, there are so many comparison sites (each with different offers and special relationships) that individuals simply have to repeat their data across comparison sites as well. I’m Insured changed all that by creating a meta-comparison site, which compares the prices quoted on comparison sites and presents the cheapest of those. The formula has proven so successful they have expanded their range of services to include new insurance products, and have reinvented their website to do so.

The website now gives people the ability to compare life insurance quotes, critical illness cover, mortgage life insurance, house insurance, car and bike insurance, holiday insurance, pet insurance and more.

The new website allows individuals to select the kind of policy they’re looking for so that they can quickly get a true comparison of life insurance quotes from the most competitive providers in that industry.

A spokesperson for I’m Insured explained, “Our approach has been extremely effective on behalf of customers searching for life insurance and due to this success we have been able to expand the range of services we cover to include home insurance, car insurance, holiday insurance and other common insurance policies using our analytical algorithms to hunt down the very cheapest price. This has proven so effective because it takes advantage of all the special offers and partnerships of every price comparison site in finding the lowest offer, without people having to go to them one by one.”

About I’m Insured
I’m Insured has a unique approach to getting the best deals on behalf of those looking for cheap insurance. The website is a comparison site comparison site, using a meta-analysis tool to identify the cheapest quotes from all comparison sites and then pitting those against one another to get the absolute lowest price. It is now available for all common insurance types. For more information, please visit: http://www.im-insured.co.uk/