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ImageFIRST Chicago Announces Partnership with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2015 -- It is essential that healthcare facilities provide a comfortable environment for cancer patients, especially when they are enduring radiation treatment. Clean and soft medical textiles, such as robes, uniforms and sheets, provide cancer patients with the comfort they need during their stay. To provide a relaxed and clean atmosphere for their patients, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) needed a reliable, high-quality medical laundry specialist they could count on. ImageFIRST Chicago is pleased to announce their partnership with the company and are proud to take part in the caring of cancer patients by providing first-rate medical laundry services.

The CTCA and ImageFIRST Chicago both share a common ground when it comes to the needs of the patients. By ensuring that their medical textile products are soft, comfortable and clean, the laundry specialists help the CTCA offer patients a positive experience during their treatment. Because ImageFIRST Chicago concentrates their services specifically towards the medical field, unlike other regular laundry cleaning providers, it puts healthcare facilities such as the CTCA at an advantage by working with a partner that understands patient satisfaction, infection prevention, and a busy staff. The company provides top-quality laundry rental and cleaning services that comply with the standards of the healthcare industry and operates with outstanding customer service.

A representative of the CTCA expressed the bond of the partnership: "We take care of our patients like we want our mothers to be taken care of, so we partnered with ImageFIRST because we get that [same concept] from them also. They take care of us just like they want their mother to be taken care of." She adds, "…our mission, vision and values are like twin sisters." Together, the companies focus their services where they matter most – the patients.

ImageFIRST's top-quality laundry services, views and operations go hand-in-hand with the CTCA's goal of making their patients happy. For more information on how to partner with the healthcare laundry specialists, please visit their website.

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