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ImageFIRST Denver Shares Hand Hygiene Study with Clients


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2015 -- This past July, an article by Karen Lillis in Infection Control Today analyzed an Irish study of how workplace culture in healthcare facilities affects hand hygiene. Entitled "Workplace Culture Impacts Hand Hygiene Compliance," the article examined the multiple factors that motivated healthcare workers to follow hand hygiene procedures, and also detailed how their perception of their work environment affected their compliance. ImageFIRST Denver, a laundry and linen service that works exclusively with healthcare facilities, has shared this article with its clients.

As a service with years of experience managing and laundering healthcare linen inventories, ImageFIRST of Denver is well aware of the unique challenges that face healthcare facilities. These challenges include preventing the spread of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and managing patients' perceptions of the facility. The recent Infection Control Today article lays out several factors that impact healthcare workers' hand hygiene, which in turn influences patients' experience at a healthcare facility.

According to the article, four key factors help to increase hand hygiene compliance in a workplace. First, workers who have sufficient resources to comply with hygiene, such as adequately stocked dispensers of hand sanitizer, are more likely to comply. They are also more likely to comply when their place of work takes care to adequately educate them about proper handwashing procedures. In addition, employees who work in a facility where hand hygiene and its effects are closely monitored will make a greater effort to maintain hand hygiene. Finally, an organizational culture that supports and encourages the aforementioned factors will see an increase in employee compliance, as well as the results of widespread hand hygiene compliance, including greater patient satisfaction.

ImageFIRST Denver hopes that this information will assist its clients in their mission to provide remarkable care to all of their patients. The company's linen and laundry service includes built-in measures to provide sanitary products to outpatient facilities, including robust cleaning and sanitization processes and hygienic sealing of all linens and garments in plastics.

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