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ImageFIRST Las Vegas Helps Achieve Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare Facilities Through Their Comfort Care Line


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2015 -- As a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, the healthcare industry has become much more competitive, as more Americans are now able to visit outpatient facilities in non-emergency situations, with more options available to them. In turn, in an increasingly competitive environment, healthcare facilities are increasingly focusing patient comfort and satisfaction. Outpatient medical centers strive to provide their patients with a comfortable experience and reassuring environment, especially for those who must undergo a difficult and challenging procedure. A major aspect that affects the comfort of patients is the medical garments they are provided with during their visit, such as gowns. To help enhance the patient's experience, ImageFIRST Las Vegas offers healthcare facilities their premium Comfort Care line, which is comprised of high-quality, exceptionally soft robes and gowns.

For healthcare facilities in the Las Vegas, NV region, the patient's perception of their medical provider is also impacted by the softness, cleanliness and appearance of the attire they are provided with during treatment. ImageFIRST Las Vegas specializes in renting, delivering and sanitizing their exclusive Comfort Care line of luxurious gowns and robes to healthcare facilities for their patients. When patients wear the robes or gowns from the Comfort Care line, they enjoy the light fiber cloth fabric, which keeps them warm while allowing breathability.

"They looked expensive and not like your average gown. The gown made me feel covered, safe and comfortable. I didn't mind wearing it in front of others in the office," said Nellie Provenzano, a patient who experienced the Comfort Care line.

The robes and gowns are fabricated for durability and are created with a soft texture that is soothing to the touch. The line features a wide variety of robes and gowns, such as a Mammo Gown, a Plush Scoop neck Gown, a Reversible Plush Gown and a Plush Robe.

"I simply loved it. I felt protected and covered. I was completely comfortable in my environment," said patient Rosa Benitez, from Miami, FL. All of the products in the line available at ImageFIRST Las Vegas feature a full cut for optimal coverage, modern colors and stylish trims.

The Comfort Care line has also shown that it can improve patient perception. To inquire about their high-quality Comfort Care line, please visit their website or call 800-932-7472.

About ImageFIRST Las Vegas
Founded in 1967, ImageFIRST is the largest and fastest growing national linen rental and laundry service specializing in the outpatient medical market. ImageFIRST's 36 locations nationwide serve over 5,500 medical offices every week, providing linen, patient gowns, scrubs and much more while partnering with facilities to better manage linen inventory. With a customer retention rate of over 95%, ImageFIRST is dedicated to improving patient satisfaction through quality linens and remarkable service: their Comfort Care gowns product line increases patients' favorable perception of a facility by more than 50%.

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