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ImageFIRST Miami Shares Insight Into New Periop Briefing Report on Healthcare-Accredited Laundering


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2016 -- ImageFIRST Miami is a leading provider of high-quality bed and bath linens, patient gowns, nurses uniforms, and more in Miami, FL. This remarkable company also specializes in helping their clients improve the experiences that patients have at their medical facilities by helping them keep their garments clean and free of bacteria. In an effort to keep their clients aware of all of the latest news and developments in the healthcare industry, ImageFIRST Miami would like to shed light on a new report that was published by Periop Briefing regarding home laundering and healthcare-accredited laundering.

The report, "Implementing best practices for surgical attire laundering," was written by Kelly Putnam and discusses how a recent study in the American Journal of Infection Control indicated that home laundering performed by medical personnel might fail to eradicate pathogens from garments. During the study, the home laundering habits of over 80 student nurses who worked on medical surgical units were examined. It was found that over 17% of pre-laundry swabs tested positive for methicillin-sensitive staphylococcus aureus, and after laundering was complete, more than a third of the tested laundry came back positive. Lastly, over 5% of the laundry that was negative before washing tested positive for bacteria.

As the reader moves through the report, he or she then learns how commercial laundering, and especially companies that have received Accreditation by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC), are much more efficient at cleaning, and thus eliminating, bacteria. Putnam even suggests at the end of her report that medical facilities should consider partnering with a healthcare-accredited laundering facility because they offer high-quality and consistent cleaning methods.

At ImageFIRST Miami, a HLAC-certified facility, they go above industry standards with their exclusive Triple BioShield Protection® process that eliminates up 99.999% of bacteria. And, as a company that puts AssuranceFIRST, their clients can rest assured that the linens and healthcare uniforms delivered to their facility in Miami are always thoroughly sanitized, hand-inspected for quality, and wrapped in plastic for safe transport.

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