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ImageFIRST Minneapolis Congratulates Nurses for Being Ranked Most Honest and Ethical Profession


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2016 -- Gallup, known globally for conducting polls and providing analytics, recently released the results of their yearly poll regarding which professions American consumers find the most trustworthy. For the fourteenth time in a row, the results show that the profession ranked most honest and ethical by the public is nursing. And the competition isn't even close, as approximately 85% of the respondents said they find nurses' honesty and ethical standards either very high or high. That's a noticeable 17 points more than pharmacists, who were rated the second most honest and ethical profession. As far as doctors go, they placed third with about 67 percent of respondents characterizing them as ethical and honest.

Perhaps more so even than other workplaces, hospitals and medical facilities require excellent teamwork, motivation and attention to detail. Clearly the American public feels that nursing, as a profession, exemplify these qualities, and ImageFIRST Minneapolis would like to congratulate them for this well-deserved honor.

As a leading healthcare laundry provider, ImageFIRST Minneapolis is committed to helping their clientele make sure that their employees, from nurses and doctors to cleaning staff, get to work in a safe and positive environment, continuing to do the work that the public applauds them for. One way in which ImageFIRST has addressed this is by creating what is called the Customer Advocate. The Customer Advocate is personally responsible for the client's linen inventory, ensuring that the inventory is always accurate, delivered on time and in accordance with the highest standards. This way, the hospital staff doesn't have to spend time trying to figure out and organize the inventory or stress about missing or substandard items, allowing them to concentrate on what's important: the patients' welfare.

Any medical facilities looking for high-quality nurses' uniforms in Minneapolis, MN that have been sanitized carefully and comprehensively, can also turn to ImageFIRST. For example, to help medical facilities ensure the safety of the patients and the staff alike, ImageFIRST has developed the Triple BioShield Protection, which abides by an infection prevention system that goes beyond regulatory standards. With the Triple BioShield Protection process, items like gowns and linens are sanitized with a process that kills up to 99.999% of bacteria. They are then coated with safeguards that protect the items during transportation and storages. The importance of keeping staff and patients safe from infection is a priority to ImageFIRST Minneapolis, and the company encourages anyone interested in their state-of-the-art infection prevention processes to contact the ImageFIRST customer representatives for more information by calling 800-932-7472.

There is also more information available about ImageFIRST's wide variety of products from patient gowns and linen to nurses' uniforms and unisex medical scrubs in Minneapolis, MN, on the company website.

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