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ImageFIRST New Hampshire Sheds Light on Problematic "Hygienically Clean" Claims


Salem, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2016 -- ImageFIRST® New Hampshire is much more than a provider of medical uniforms and scrubs in New England and NH. They keep their customers informed of all the latest news, changes and developments within the medical industry. To ensure that both current and potential customers continue to provide patient apparel that will help them retain their images as clean and trustworthy medical facilities, ImageFIRST New Hampshire has shed light on why the term "hygienically clean" is an imprecise descriptor for medical linen.

According to ImageFIRST New Hampshire, the term "hygienically clean," which many commercial laundry companies use to describe their linen, is imprecise because it lacks a universally agreed-upon definition. Healthcare facilities that partner with companies who tout the "hygienically clean" label have no way to guarantee that those items are suitable for their infection prevention plans.

On the other hand, ImageFIRST's linen undergoes a Triple BioShield Protection® wash process so that each product customers receive is sanitized. Unlike "hygienically clean," sanitized is a precise term that indicates at least 99.9% of pathogens have been removed. Each item offered by ImageFIRST undergoes this sanitizing wash process and is treated with an anti-bacterial coating. Additionally, their products are always tightly wrapped in plastic for delivery to prevent re-contamination. All ImageFIRST products regularly undergo rigorous quality assurance testing performed by an independent laboratory.

This leading provider of scrubs and medical uniforms in New England and NH knows how vital a role patient apparel plays in the creation of a clean and trustworthy medical facility, and urges potential customers to reach out them immediately for cost-effective solutions that will improve patient satisfaction. Learn more at

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