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ImageFIRST San Antonio Shares Study on Hospital Handwashing Procedures


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2015 -- ImageFIRST San Antonio, the city's largest linen and laundry service exclusively serving medical facilities, prioritizes hygiene and sanitization in all of their services. Preventing hospital-acquired infections is an arduous task, and ImageFIRST San Antonio takes special care to launder and prepare their products for delivery in order to minimize the risk of contamination to the fullest extent. Since ImageFIRST San Antonio cares about the success of their clients, as well as the health of patients visiting their clients' facilities, they have shared a recent study on hospital hygiene procedures.

The 2014 Leapfrog Hospital Survey analyzed data from 1,501 rural and urban hospitals in the US to find, among other relevant conclusions, that one in four hospitals have not implemented all ten hand hygiene practices and policies recommended by the Leapfrog Group, a program that analyzes and reports on hospital performance to improve consumer options. Such hygiene practices include training and educating all hospital staff on hygiene and implementing hygiene performance improvement projects.

While this finding indicates a need for significant hygiene improvement overall, the study also found that the percentage of hospitals practicing all ten policies increased from 69 percent in 2013, to 77 percent in 2014. Furthermore, 99 percent of all hospitals surveyed implemented hospital-wide education on handwashing hygiene.

ImageFIRST San Antonio hopes that the results of this study will aid its clients in making smart policy decisions that improve each patients' experience. The company is committed to helping its clients improve hospital-wide hygiene by protecting each linen item or garment that they launder with its proprietary Triple BioShield Protection process, which sanitizes garments, treats them with a bacteria-resistant softener and packages them in sealed plastic to prevent contamination.

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