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ImageFIRST Shares How Small Changes Can Elevate Patient Experience


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2017 -- ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists' regional vice president and national service director Jay Juffre, recently shared his advice on one small change that can have observable results on how patients experience the healthcare environment.

Jay Juffre shared his experience with a hospitality professional who went above and beyond her daily responsibilities. Juffre explained the difference in the disposition of the staff between his most recent stay and previous visits was precipitated by something as simple as a title change. Where the hospitality professional's title was previously "Front Desk Associate," it now read "Navigator." She took the time to escort Juffre to the elevator (rather than merely pointing) and explained the hotel's amenities while walking with him.

Juffre suggested that small changes in something as simple as a job title can affect not only an employee's engagement, but also how they are viewed by customers, clients or patients. He related his experience to potential applications in a healthcare setting: For example, changing the title of "Security Guard" to "Safety Officer" to create a better patient experience.

A national provider of medical linen products and services like scrubs uniforms from LaGrange, GA, to Los Angeles, CA, ImageFIRST continuously shares health industry information that focuses on the importance of patient satisfaction and the growth of patient experience roles. With this knowledge, ImageFIRST keeps customers' patients at the heart of their purpose as a company.

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