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Imaginative New Children's Book Debuts, Teaching Strong Message of Family Values, Faith, Inspiration, and Obedience


Pensacola, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2014 -- The legend begins in Valledupar, Colombia, when a little girl went swimming against her parent’s wishes, and as a consequence, was turned into a mermaid.

It continues in a vibrant new book by Janet Balletta, entitled ‘The Legend of the Colombian Mermaid’. Telling the tale of a young brother and sister named Tomas and Judith who live in Valledupar, the story details their encounter with the menacing mermaid, and Judith’s quest to save her brother from the clutches of ‘La Sirena’. This book with its colorful cast of characters and enchanting illustrations by Estella Mejía, will captivate children and parents alike.

“The legend of the Colombian Mermaid was my favorite bedtime story and I never got tired of hearing my mother tell it,” says Balletta. “Of course, what I now realize is that not only is the tale entertaining, but it also teaches a good lesson on family values, faith, inspiration, obedience, and ultimately how the treasure of family is more important than the treasure of gold.”

The Legend of the Colombian Mermaid is based on the legend of La Sirena De Hurtado, in Valledupar, Colombia. It dates back to 1917 and tells the story of a young girl who defied her parents and went swimming in the river on Good Friday. According to the legend the girl turned into a mermaid because she was cursed for her disobedience and non-observance of Good Friday a traditional Catholic holiday.

With years of experience in working with children, Balletta is committed to education and to helping kids understand and navigate other cultures. “As an educator, I am passionate about literature and I hope my story inspires children to grow an interest and appreciation for multicultural literature,” says Balletta.

Continuing: “Books like this can be a useful resource for teachers to bridge the gap between cultures and teach tolerance and acceptance. I think it's important for children to learn about other cultures and traditions as well as the American culture. Hopefully, my book will spark an interest in young readers to learn more about children from other countries.”

About Janet Balletta
Janet Balletta is a bilingual first grade teacher who lives in Florida. She is from New York City the great melting pot. Janet has two daughters who also love mermaids and inspired her to write this story. For fun, Janet likes to read, write, garden, and spend time with her family. She hopes this story will help children grow an interest and appreciation for multicultural literature.

‘The Legend of the Colombian Mermaid, published by WRB Publishing, is available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1dKC8UL .

Official website: http://www.colombianmermaid.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Janet-Balletta/1442783465945743.