IMEIUnlockiPhone Promises to Unlock Any iPhone Model Without Voiding Warranty Using Special IMEI Method


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- Many iPhone users choose to unlock their phones in order to remove carrier restrictions. By default, iPhones are locked to specific carriers, and that poses a problem for those who are traveling in a different country and want to use a new SIM card or carrier.

Unlocking the iPhone removes carrier restrictions and allows users to use their phone to its full potential – no matter where they are in the world. And a website called claims to have made the unlocking process significantly easier than any other site on the internet.

The site features a detailed description of something called the IMEI factory unlock. Using this unlocking method, the iPhone is permanently unlocked at the factory level. Even if users restore their phone to factory settings, it will still be unlocked and usable on any international carrier.

A spokesperson for explained the steps visitors take in order to unlock their iPhones:

“After clicking the ‘Order Now’ button on our site, visitors fill out basic contact information, select their mobile network, and type out their IMEI number. Once visitors complete this form, they proceed to checkout. Within a few days, the iPhone will be automatically unlocked. The customer doesn’t have to ship their iPhone anywhere or do anything to their phone.”

The secret behind the IMEI unlock is that the site adds customers’ iPhones to Apple’s list of unlocked devices. Once carriers notice that a device has been added to their list, they will remotely unlock the iPhone. When the process is complete, the customer will own an unlocked iPhone that can be used with any carrier or SIM card in the world:

“We can unlock iPhones in countries all over the world – from Australia to the UK to the United States and dozens of other countries. Since our unlocking method is different than jailbreaking and other unlocking methods, it works on all iPhone models and versions, including the iPhone 5 and the latest version of iOS6.”

For visitors who are still unsure about the IMEI unlocking process, the website offers a 100% money back guarantee on all orders.

The website even has a section ( where wholesalers can purchase unlocking services and then resell them to customers. promises to “supply the suppliers” with the best prices in the industry and the fastest turnaround times. With full API support, wants to make it easy for wholesalers to turn a profit selling iPhone unlocking services.

About offers factory IMEI unlocking services to iPhone owners around the world. The website also offers wholesale pricing options for resellers and other unlocking companies. For more information, please visit: