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IMET Corporation Announces Four-Foot Capability for Circuit Boards


Southampton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2016 -- Since 2000, IMET Corporation has established itself as a leader in design, prototyping and manufacturing. In particular, electronics manufacturers trust IMET Corporation for high-quality, efficient printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). The company has earned a reputation for uniqueness due to its championship of nearshoring practices as well as its ability to offer innovative solutions. One such solution is its four-foot circuit board, suitable for any company looking for innovative ways to introduce lighting.

Most circuit board assembly companies offer boards in sizes only up to two feet, and sometimes only 18 inches in length. For customers who want to use circuit boards for larger applications, options have been limited to find a US-based resource. With the rise of LED lighting, using larger boards has now become a popular option because it reduces the points of failure over multiple boards connected together. IMET's four-foot boards are perfect for customers seeking LED lighting and commercial lighting solutions.

Circuit board assembly takes place in IMET Corporation's 15,000 square foot facility in Southampton, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. With seven engineers on staff and a locally-based manufacturing process, IMET delivers accuracy and flexibility. Their three automated lines are capable of surface mount and through-hole processing, lead and lead-free processing, and four-head and two-head pick and place machines. Furthermore, IMET is able to mount components down to 0.3mm lead pitch. They also provide environmentally safe board cleaning.

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About the IMET Corporation
The IMET Corporation is a service provider to companies that employ electronics devices in their proprietary products. Services include PCB assemblies, electronics engineering, prototyping, product development and manufacturing. IMET specializes in helping regional and local manufacturers bring down costs so nearshoring and reshoring make financial sense. They routinely connect businesses of all sizes to their network of government agencies offering grants, low-interest loans and other incentive programs. The company serves a variety of industries, including consumer, military, aerospace and industrial electronics products in the Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and New York area.

IMET Corp. was founded in 2000, in a rented garage. The company has undergone three major expansions and has enjoyed 400-percent growth during the height of the recent recession. Now operating in a company-owned 15,000-squarefoot facility in Southampton, PA, IMET has 25 employees and boasts the latest automated assembly machinery to achieve placement speeds to 10,500 components per hour. The resulting quality and economies account for so many clients returning from offshore manufacturing. IMET was recently was named 2014 Manufacturer of The Year by The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

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