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IMET Corporation's Robotic Cat Achieving Celebrity Status at Trade Shows


Southampton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- Some people attending trade-shows just can’t wait to meet Robo, IMET Corporation’s mascot. Well-known for product development, the company is gaining added fame from a robotic cat that can do most things that a real live feline can. Granted, Robo is not yet on the same level of fame as Justin Beiber or Taylor Swift, but trade-show attendees and IMET customers can agree that a new mini-star is born -- and even receives occasional fan mail as well.

What makes Robo so popular is the fact that he (or she) not only acts like a genuine warm and fuzzy cat, but is actually a working example of the IMET Corporation’s product development capabilities. A myriad of electronics and circuit boards govern its motion-controlled movements and sounds. At the recent Atlantic Design & Manufacturing Trade Show at The Pennsylvania Convention Center, scores of attendees took souvenir photos posed alongside Robo—even inquiring about how to purchase one of their own.

IMET’s CEO Tom Krol is thinking of giving Robo a sizeable bonus this year. “She certainly has earned a big increase in wattage,” he states. “Robo became a hit not only by being adorable, lovable and smart, but by also serving as a memorable corporate mascot that instantly emphasizes our company’s capabilities in product design and development as well as contract manufacturing and PCB assembly.” The CEO regards the cat as a “super cool door opener” that paves the way for discussion that often leads to an RFQ for product development or production services.

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IMET Corporation, founded in 2000 by Mr. Krol while only a sophomore at engineering college, transforms new product concepts into reality by providing all-inclusive or a la carte product development solutions. Their full range of services includes contract manufacturing -- especially PCB assembly – as well as emphasis on electronics engineering during the product development stage. Utilizing the skills and specialties of an in-house staff of 7 engineers, IMET is uniquely positioned to “build success” for its clients by producing their products with a focus on marketability.

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