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Imet Is 'Perfectly Equipped' for Turnkey Pcb Assembly


Southampton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- OEMs considering outsourcing of PCB assembly should make a priority of visiting potential contract manufacturers and verifying their equipment capabilities. Not heeding that advice could result in laggard deliveries of PCBs assembled with older, slower and limited output equipment. Or the reverse could occur – where high-speed machines are inefficiently employed when low throughputs are required -- an expensive equivalent of driving a Ferrari to the corner store.

Visitors to IMET will see demos of equipment for a wide range of performance targets. We maintain three lines, two of which are semi-automated for low to mid-range placement speeds of up to 5,000 components per hour. When high-volume PCB assembly is required, it takes place on our fully automated line, featuring a 4-head pick and place capable of mounting in excess of 10,000 components per hour and the ability to place 01005/0.3mm pitch components. This high-speed line includes board loader, fully automatic stencil printer with paste inspection, 8-zone reflow oven and board unloader.

In addition to PCB assembly, IMET equipment also covers QA with latest-generation inspection equipment, including Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), X-ray and high-powered microscopes. We also provide environmentally safe board-cleaning with de-ionized water recycling with Rose testing. In short, IMET is a total resource – not only for assembly PCB, but for every phase of electronic design and engineering.

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