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Immediate Health Benefits Provided by Air Duct Cleaning

Quality Air Duct of Dallas Offers End of Year Air Duct Inspections


Irving, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2014 -- Quality Air of Dallas, Texas know first hand the benefits of air duct cleaning and the severity of the health problems it can prevent. Since Air duct cleaning is one of the most important steps to include in a home maintenance routine Quality Air offers seasonal air duct inspections.

Between freezing winter temperatures and extreme heat summer temps, a regular inspection and maintenance of air conditioning and heating systems is considered the most common and important home maintenance routine. Not only will a home be uncomfortable if the AC or heating system breaks down, but replacements and parts can prove expensive.

Inspection and maintenance should of these systems should include cleaning cooling coils, drip pans, fans and heat exchangers because the servicing of the heating and cooling system is critical to them performing optimally. Cleaning of these components is known to release dust, debris, mold and allergens directly into the duct work and by default, released into the home. Cleaning all air ducts at the same time the HVAC system is cleaned is best.

Air duct cleaning provides these specific benefits:

-Money savings
-Indoor Air Quality Improvement
-Longer System Life
-Improve Personal Health
-Building Smells Better

"Technicians came on time," says customer Elena G. "They were polite and explained their service. They kept my house clean, even put booties on. I would highly recommend their service. No more sneezing! The service is also affordable."

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A well known and reliable company, Quality Air Duct Cleaning Services offers services such as air duct cleaning, air duct installations, and even dryer vent cleaning. Residential and commercial property owners in Dallas, Irving and Fort Worth can rely on the company to get air duct cleaning and other services. The company aims to help people and businesses acquire effective and excellent duct cleaning services.

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