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Immigration Law Experts at Announce New Article on Immigration Reform

Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky, specialists in immigration law, announces its latest article on the new immigration reform. According to the blog post, Democrats and Republicans still seem to be standing at opposite sides of the fence.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- The Law offices of Alice Antonovsky, experts in immigration and business law, have made it their mission to keep immigrants seeking citizenship up to date on the latest news breaking out of Capitol Hill. And that is why they release weekly articles on topics such as immigration reform.

According to their latest blog entry, the new immigration reform bill seems to be going nowhere fast. With Democrats and Republicans unable to agree on common terms, illegal immigrants and their families are left to wonder what the future will bring.

Recently at a House Budget Committee meeting, Democrat Tony Cardenas introduced a vote before fellow representatives to allocate money to the new immigration reform. The result was a 21-15 against the allocation of funds. Cardenas did not propose the bill because he was confident that it would pass, rather he proposed it in order to force Republicans to go on record with their true feelings on immigration law in this country.

In their article, goes on to describe how Republican lawmakers believe that immigration reform needs to be addressed one small step at a time. They are adamant that before any reform takes place the borders must be secure. In contrast, Democratic politicians want swifter action for the millions of law-abiding illegal immigrants that contribute to the good of the nation.

“As attorneys and citizens of the United States, we believe that every law abiding person should have the same opportunities and rights. We are dedicated to assisting illegal immigrants in their bid to secure the American dream,” says an spokesperson.

As the politicians in Washington, D.C. continue to argue over their idea of immigration reform, illegal immigrants are left to wonder when the two political parties will come to an agreement. For support and expert advice on immigration law, please contact the experts at the Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky to get quality legal representation.

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