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Immigration Law Firm Azhar & Azhar Says Immigration Reform Happens With Each Case Won


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2011 -- The Dallas-based immigration law firm of Azhar & Azhar, PLLC understands that they are in the trenches of the immigration reform fight. Their extensive experience with Immigration and nationality law has become a force in upholding the law for individuals fighting unfounded deportations.

In just the last two months, the firm has won a handful of important cases. Among them are cases for foreign students being unfairly judged under the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and family members who have followed the law for a green card.

According to Noaman Azhar, it is cases like these that point the way towards rational immigration reform. “Despite a climate of immigration prosecution under any circumstances, the true legacy of America is in the legal wins that remind us we are a nation of immigrants who deserve fair immigration laws,” said managing partner Noaman Azhar.

With a plethora of recent wins, each lawyer and member of the team at Azhar & Azhar continues to advocate for America’s historic openness and fairness. The immigration attorney along with his partner and other lawyers of the firm represent individuals and companies in the areas of federal employment discrimination, contracts, general federal litigation, EB1-EB3, family-sponsored immigration and non-immigrant Visas

The immigration lawyers have represented hundreds of clients in federal immigration courts across the country. They also advise companies on proper Department of Labor procedures and guidelines for labor certification filings. Clients include professional athletes, leading scientists and world-renowned authors as well as hospitals, universities, restaurants, and consultancy groups. “No matter the circumstances, we firmly believe that every case that we take helps to strengthen America one individual, family, job and company at a time,” said Azhar.

The immigration law firm also has extensive experience in family law, criminal law and various business and civil litigation matters. All of the firm’s members do their part in the courtroom and in lecture halls, on panels, in print and on the radio to advocate fair immigration and naturalization law through education. For more information, please visit http://www.azharlawfirm.com/

about Azhar & Azhar PLLC
The Law firm of Azhar and Azhar specializes in immigration and nationality law. The firm handles the full spectrum of immigration related legal matters including family and employment-based immigration as well as deportation defense. The attorneys at Azhar & Azhar have previously enjoyed success at large Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona law firms and have built a strong reputation in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for honesty, hard work and responsiveness for all their clients’ legal needs.