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Immigration Separation Impacts Human Rights


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2016 -- The UK's immigration control practices and policies saw a whopping 32,446 people detained in 2015 by the UK government for a variety of reasons. Some were held whilst under investigation and possible deportation and just over half were released back into the community without further issues. What is not generally understood about the figures is that many of the detainees had lived in the UK for decades and who had settled a long time ago with families and to have children. Most of the detentions were seemingly pointless but caused undue distress and disruption to not only the detainees, but their loved ones and children.

The detention used with immigration is set without limits meaning that the UK government doesn't need to obtain court permission to detain someone. The length of time the person can be detained for stretches from one month to over two years. Human rights activists and lobbyists have been fighting for this to be changed for a long time, as yet to no avail.

A spokesperson for Garth Coates Solicitors commented "It is against human rights for someone to be detained for so long without a judge's permission and the impact on families and particularly the children of parents detained is devastating. It is hoped that this breach of rights is addressed properly to prevent mental health issues in young children of detainees. It is a well known fact that trauma can create a whole host of issues in child development."

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