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Dallas-based Immigration Law Firm Continues to Rack up Client Wins as They Launch New Website


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2011 -- The Dallas-based immigration law firm of Azhar & Azhar, PLLC continues to rack up advocacy wins for its clients in the areas of immigration and citizenship. The firm has extensive experience and emphasizes Immigration and Nationality Law. With the recent launch of their new Website, the firm hopes to educate potential clients and the general public about immigration issues.

As a nation born of immigration, the U.S policy in this area has historically been centered on providing a haven for those fleeing persecution and those wishing to contribute their special skills for mutual prosperity. The result of this approach has been individual and national growth. In 2011 the climate in the U.S. immigration system has become marked by constant change and controversy. However, many still fight as advocates for the rights of individuals to make a better life for themselves and their families in the U.S.

With a plethora of recent wins, each immigration attorney at Azhar & Azhar continues to advocate for America’s historic openness and fairness. The firm represents individuals and companies in the areas of federal employment discrimination, contracts, general federal litigation, EB1-EB3, family-sponsored immigration and non-immigrant Visas. “Our goal has always been to help those seeking to contribute to the economic and cultural fabric of the nation,” said firm partner Furqan Sunny Azhar. Every case that we take helps to strengthen America one individual, family, job and company at a time.”

The immigration lawyers have represented hundreds of clients in federal immigration courts across the country. They also advise companies on proper Department of Labor procedures and guidelines for labor certification filings. Clients include professional athletes, leading scientists and world-renowned authors as well as hospitals, universities, restaurants, and consultancy groups.

The immigration lawyers at Azhar & Azhar, PLLC often take pro bono Asylum and Refugee cases of those in fear of governmental persecution based on race, religion, nationality and political opinion. “They are often helpless and depend on fair and open access to the legal system,” said Azhar. These cases are among the most rewarding for us, and taking them free of charge is the right thing to do.”

More than just an immigration law firm, the attorneys also have extensive experience in family law, criminal law and various business and civil litigation matters. Outreach and education are paramount so each immigration attorney speaks publicly on various immigration and multicultural legal issues. They also appear in numerous publications on H-1B visas, consulting company compliance, aspects of the Violence Against Women Act, filing Asylum claims, abuses of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and more. Additionally, the firm’s lawyers host a weekly radio show answering immigration questions. For more information, please visit http://www.azharlawfirm.com/