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Immortal Self: Master Rishi Aaravindha Himadra Takes Readers on a Spiritual Journey That Many Have Called 'World-Changing'

In 2006, Aaravindha Himadra travelled into the interior of the Himalayan Mountains and lived among the Amartya Masters, a highly reclusive group of ageless beings. In his enlightening, moving and intimate new book, ‘Immortal Self’, Himadra details the knowledge he gained – knowledge that has never before been shared with the wider world.


San Juan Islands, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- Even as a young child, Aaravindha Himadra yearned for a deeper connection to the ‘unknown’.

Then, on a frigid winter’s night at the age of six, Himadra was visited by one of the Amartya Masters. The mysterious being would go on to guide Himadra throughout his life and shape the man he would one day become.

In his best-selling and celebrated book, ‘Immortal Self’, Himadra chronicles this journey, as well as a voyage he took in the summer of 2006, to finally meet his family of Masters in the most distant part of the Himalayas. Dozens of readers have contacted the author and spoke about how the book has flipped their worlds upside down.

Called “an epic journey into the true Self” and “a book that is as much a spiritual initiation as it is an adventure”, ‘Immortal Self’ is raw, loving and wise.


In the summer of 2006 Aaravindha Himadra traveled deep into the interior of the Himalayan Mountains to a secret mythic-like valley where he lived among the Amartya Masters, a highly reclusive lineage of ageless beings. To answer their invitation, he endured a daunting trip across the rugged, remote mountain peaks, where he eventually came to their protected valley home, a place where our world's most ancient spiritual truths still exist in wholeness. Through a series of extraordinary experiences and conversations he was given access to their most valued and enigmatic knowledge, knowledge that has never before been openly revealed to the world. This book is a chronological account of the events that took place during that visit. For the soul that yearns to know the truth of our existence, beyond the limits of our contemporary understanding, the knowledge contained in this book is both revolutionary and indispensible. The wisdom borne through its text represents a pure seed of truth-light. It offers the reader a means to realize a high body of knowledge that has long been lost to this world. Divulged here for the first time are the sacred ways of these legendary Masters, who have overcome even the limits of physical death.

Since its release, ‘Immortal Self’ has earned a five star rating on Amazon and glowing reviews from readers who have felt changed from the information contained with its pages.

“A spiritual epic, a journey to the true Self, this book gives a marvellous insight and affirmation to the meaning of 'awakening'. With beauty and clarity in word and description, Aaravindha Himadra takes the reader on a mystical adventure deep into the valley of Immortal Masters where he re-discovers the roots of an ancient spiritual lineage, and teachings that awaken the eternal yearning within each of us as we are confronted with our own immortality through the innate wisdom of his fantastical saga,” wrote Hsiao Tsui Liu.

Calling the book, “a masterpiece”, Tina L. wrote: “It feels like there is an otherworldly energy woven into the words. It speaks to that archetypal heritage inside of me, and awakens a memory of lost wisdom. I read it now 3 times, and it keeps revealing more and deeper insights. It moves me beyond any reason, and makes me want to jump up and down because it’s so thrilling to know our legends are true ~ and even better, a reality on the path of awakening! Be aware that you’ll sign up for a transformational journey while reading this book.”

Writing, “this one is a world-changer!”, David Lutz also said: “This, quite simply, is the most impactful book I have read in my life. I love adventure–inner and outer, and believe this book may well become a towering icon of adventure tales on both counts! For those of you who can appreciate a finely crafted account of an archetypal journey nearly beyond belief in its implications, you’ll find this a poetic and captivating watershed work.”

An advanced master rishi of the Amartya Tradition, a globally renowned saumedhika seer, a lecturer, teacher and author, Himadra is also the founder of Sambodha, an international, non-denominational spiritual organization dedicated to the advancement of higher spiritual education relating to the development of human consciousness and the attainment of Self Realization.

Although he is humbled by his accomplishments, Himadra explains why ‘Immortal Self’ is closest to his heart.

“It felt like putting my soul’s path on the page,” says the author. “It allows readers to see into another world and come with me on my journey to the Himalayas. People have told me that it is a book that flipped a light on inside of them. Writing it allowed me to relive the experience of meeting the great Masters– it filled me with joy and grace.”

‘Immortal Self’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1h6H2ij and http://www.aaravindha.com

About the Author: Aaravindha Himadra
Aaravindha Himadra, author of Immortal Self, has been an international teacher of spiritual knowledge since 1999. He currently teaches and lectures primarily in Europe, the United States and Canada. In 2006, Aaravindha founded Sambodha, an international, non-denominational, spiritual organization dedicated to the advancement of higher spiritual education relating to the development of human consciousness and the attainment of Self Realization. Sambodha serves its vision through teaching the art of Compassion, advancing the study of Dharma-aligned spiritual knowledge, applying internal transcendental practices, teaching advanced meditation techniques, and supporting externally oriented Seva offerings.

Beyond the book Immortal Self, Aaravindha is also the author of six more books that presently serve as study guides in his ongoing global teacher training courses. The following titles--The Heart of the Path, Sacred Creation Forces, The Art of the Baumaitri, Mantra Dhyana, and the Karnada Virya--are presently only available to Sambodha teachers; however, a newly edited and expanded public edition of each book will soon be made available for those who may be waiting to read them outside of the guided seminar setting.

Aaravindha was born in the United States on January 29, 1953, the son of a German mother and Latvian father who had immigrated to America after the Second World War. From early childhood, Aaravindha was drawn to anything he could find that was related to the unseen, spiritual mysteries of life. At the age of six, in the middle of a cold winter night, he was briefly visited by one of the Amartya Masters. This enigmatic Master would go on to quietly guide Aaravindha throughout his life, helping shape many of his developmental processes. In 2006, Aaravindha was invited to travel to the remote Himalayas and personally visit this great Master in the protected valley where he resides with the five other Masters of his tradition. Aaravindha's book, Immortal Self, is the true chronicle of that journey.

Today, Aaravindha is an advanced master rishi of the Amartya Tradition, a globally renowned saumedhika seer, a lecturer, teacher and author. He currently lives on a small island in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Ashayrah, and their golden retriever, Jade. Their home serves as a get-away retreat, a peaceful to place to write, create, and develop seminars.