Immune Support Product "Lauricidin" Raising the Eyebrows of the Medical Field with its Highly Effective and Highly Affordable Pearlized Supplement


Goodyear, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2011 -- Lauricidin®, and immune support dietary supplement, has been getting a lot of attention from the health industry lately for its effectiveness, low cost and purified composition as compared to its popular counterpart, Capsulated Monolaurin.

According to the website, Lauricidin® has been shown in laboratories worldwide to inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast and significantly stabilizes the immune system while promoting optimal health.

It is also far more pure than Monolaurin capsules which contain up to 50% inactive fillers and come in varying degrees of unknown purity. Lauricidin, on the other hand, comes in highly potent pearlized form and contains up to 95% active ingredients. This brings the cost down from 45 cents a gram to 13 cents a gram and research concludes that it makes it far easier for the body to use it effectively.

The active ingredients of lauric acid and Monolaurin have been recognized for nearly three decades by a small group of elite scientists for their capacity for immune support.

Lauricidin® was created by Professor Jon J. Kabara who was a professor at Michigan state university for over 20 years. His PhD from the University of Chicago involves the areas of Pharmacology and Biochemistry. “Realizing the potential health benefits for Monolaurin, Dr. Kabara coined the name for a Monolaurin supplement called, Lauricidin®. It's a very potent form of Monolaurin. Lauricidin® is formed into small pellets that are easily ingested. It's also the purest and most concentrated form of Monolaurin available. After his discovery, Lauricidin® has been tested in universities, government and medical laboratories,” says the website.

The website also explains the stringent scientific basis for the effectiveness of the product. Unlike other companies that throw a random mix of ingredients at a problem and hope for the best, Med-Chem Labs follow a highly deliberate scientific approach to the formulation and development of their products. What results are highly effective supplements that work with the body rather than against it to promote optimal health.

So far the feedback for Lauricidin® has been exemplary. Those who use it regularly attest to its effectiveness and support with well being. Even Doctors are commenting on its efficacy, as Dr. Dr. Charles P. Whalen DC comments: “I have been recommending Lauricidin® to my patients for the last 6 years. I am pleasantly surprised everyday by the amazing results that my patients are receiving from using Lauricidin® on a daily basis. Long term fungal and viral infections disappearing, not getting colds or the flu, stronger immune systems the list goes on…”

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