Joe Bragg Releases Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking Software


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- The internet is a constant source of distractions. From Facebook to Reddit and everything in between, it can sometimes seem impossible to be productive on the internet. That’s why employee monitoring software is becoming popular among many different employers.

At, visitors will learn about one type of employee monitoring software that can be used to keep track of everything employees do on their computer. That software is called iMonitor EAM, and it offers a wide range of functions in order to protect employers, employees, and the business itself.

A spokesperson for explained how the software works:

“Employers install the software on the computer or on the server. Then, they can discretely monitor everything that employee does on the computer in real-time. They can view keystrokes, for example, as well as remotely monitor the employee’s desktop. They can also easily check any incoming or outgoing communications while tracking internet history, document history, and messenger activity. Employers who need proof that an employee has been caught in the act can even take screenshots.”

Another useful feature is the ability to analyze the time employees spend on different websites and programs. After installing the software on computers, employers can audit how much time employees spend on each website, block certain types of website, and view more than 40 other types of reports. Some employers will choose to keep these reports to themselves, while others will want to share them with employees to optimize how to spend time at work.

While some see computer monitoring software as an invasion of privacy, others see it as a necessary tool in a world filled with dangerous things online:

“Clients use our software to protect employees and their business. If they suspect an employee of viewing illegal content online, sending threatening emails to other employees, or doing any other nefarious things on the computer, then they can install the monitoring software to determine what exactly the employee is doing on that computer.”

Whether protecting employees or safeguarding sensitive company information, iMonitor EAM aims to change the way employers keep track of the computer activity of their employees. The software is currently available on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

About is a software company that recently released a program called iMonitor EAM which monitors employee activity on computers in real-time. The software keeps track of keystrokes, data sent and received over the computer, and the employees’ desktop activity, among other things. iMonitor EAM is designed to protect employees, employers, and the business. For more information, please visit: