Impeccable Delivery of Advertisement Materials Now Available for Businesses

All Handles Distribution And Delivery Of Advertisement Materials Professionally


Oceanside, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- All Delivered says that they have entered Distribution Services business to cater to the needs of the Advertisement delivery industry in the right manner. They add that OAS, their sister company, have been a provider of outdoor advertising solutions to businesses all over the country for the last 8 years.

Rise in gas prices is one of the main reasons consumers have become cautious spenders. So, they want products or services brought to their doorsteps. Advertisers have realized this but as far as accountability is concerned, there is a serious lacuna in the distribution and delivery industry. Most of the distribution and delivery companies hire unprofessional people for distributing client door hangers and flyers due to which their clients keep wondering if their advertisement materials have been delivered or not. But All Delivered points out that they started this business because their distribution and delivery services have been 'a cut above the rest.'

They add that they depute only trained, professional, supervised and GPS- tracked delivery people for delivering advertisement materials. Apart from that, they monitor all the deliveries and record them also for keeping track of the advertising media of their clients.

If their advertising clients have their own door hangers or flyers, they undertake the task of delivery alone. Most importantly, they are ready to provide a referral list of their satisfied customers also.

They point out that if businesses want to stay ahead of competition, they should grab the attention of their customers by placing their advertisements where their customers are likely to see them. That is why door-to-door advertising works wonderfully well and it is being adopted by even very large organizations including Fortune 500 companies.

All Delivered says they can do door-to-door placements of the Door Hangers, Flyers, Postcards, and other Print Advertisements such as magazines, sample products, newsletters, bulletins, directories, brochures, and so on of businesses at residential and business locations within a 1 to 3 mile radius. Their services are available at highly reasonable costs.

They add that they are offering the most cost effective and comprehensive services available for getting the advertising messages of businesses to their target market.

They do Zip code delivery, Targeted neighborhood delivery, Demographic delivery, business to business distribution, Street Team Distribution, distribution to parked vehicles and hand to hand distribution. They undertake Guerilla Marketing also.

To summarize, they stand out in the Advertisement Distribution and Delivery industry by offering impeccable services.

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All caters to the needs of the Advertisement delivery industry. They employ well-trained and supervised, professional, and GPS-tracked delivery people to distribute and deliver the advertisement materials of businesses across the country. They offer these services at competitive rates.

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