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Impeccable Order Helps New Yorkers De-Clutter Their Lives


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2012 -- As America is gripped by the horror stories captured on Hoarders, A&E's reality show documenting the struggle some have discarding everyday items and living an organized life, viewers are beginning to examine their own lives and question how bad they've let things get in their own lives, says Caitlin Mulhern, owner of a decluttering and reorganization service in New York City.

"At Impeccable Order, we get calls from customers all the time who say they saw some aspect of themselves in the people on that show and they want to improve their own lives before it gets to that point. Rarely are they ever as bad as the people from the show, but it's good they sought help anyway." Says Mulhern.

Having a disorganized home or office can lead to far more than just unproductive lives, it can also lead to unwanted stress. Mulhern says. "I can't tell you the number of people who express such feelings of relief after we've been able to help them de-clutter, re-organize and manage their lives. While in some cases, it's a matter of getting rid of junk in our lives, for others, it can be electronic junk that is causing the stress in their lives. We come in and de-clutter their laptop or desktop computers and organize their e-mail inboxes."

Another area of their lives many New Yorkers have difficulty is time management. Mulhern says she regularly helps those who need time management services in New York with to-do list creations, both compiling and completing, long and short-term goal tracking and maintenance sessions by phone, email and in-person. Mulhern explains, "Once a person gets their own lives organized and straightened out, they are once again able to concentrate on the future, making plans and following through with them. Our goal is to guide our clients through the process of clearing out, reorganizing, and streamlining their spaces and completing their tasks and goals."

Muhern continues, "While we hear from those who need help with reorganizing in New York often after the first of the year, as they seek to complete their New Years resolutions, we also hear from them before the Christmas, as such an overwhelming period of the year starts. Once we've been able to help them, they visibly relax, as the begin to feel good about their surroundings once again, have more time for themselves and for their loved ones and achieve more, personally and professionally." Says Mulhern, "When your life and possessions are disorganized, barriers creep up, holding you back from your goals in life. With organization, tasks are eliminated that are no longer necessary and take up your time. This, in turn, leaves more time to work on the goals of your life."

About Impeccable Order
Caitlin Mulhern is the founder of Impeccable Order. Her goal in creating the company was to take the organizational and time management skills she developed over many years in her professional and personal life and use them to help others find organization, time management, and thus, greater productivity in their own lives.