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Imperfect World: Compelling Novel by Richard Meza Reminds Readers About Freedoms Often Taken for Granted.

When a global conglomerate dictatorship tries to create the perfect world by force, can one man use his few resources to regain freedom and save the lives of his fellow men?


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- While many groups work tirelessly to make the world a better place, writer Richard Meza proves that trying too hard could easily backfire with spectacular gusto. In fact, in his latest novel, this concept is played out with compelling literary force.

‘Imperfect World’ proves that too many global cooks certainly do spoil the world’s broth.


“A new dictatorship now rules the world and is made up by rogue agents from the United Nations. They promised to end war, poverty and famine at the expense of the freedoms most take for granted. In the name of fairness and equality the government now dictates what foods, literature, religion and entertainment are acceptable. They also try to kill off certain people who cannot fit into a cookie cutter society.

People with certain conditions with no fault of their own, are being executed, so that the new government does not have to contend with them, and so that their unique vision of a perfect world might materialize. Anyone the dictatorship sees as a potential threat or even those slightly unstable are being killed off. Brandon McNabb has an unusual psychic ability that he cannot always control.

He saw this coming years before it actually happened. Using all his money, resources and special ability to prepare for this, Brandon forms a small rebellion, that tries to regain freedom and save as many lives as he can. However, many people including his own kin, think he is insane and many refuse to listen.”

As the author explains, his novel seeks to raise awareness of many of the freedoms humans often take for granted.

“When certain government authority figures suggest or even threaten the public with laws that interfere with personal freedoms, you have to wonder. Do they really know where to draw the line?” asks Meza, who is married to a fellow author.

He continues, “When you have more laws than you do freedoms, there is no real freedom. Some people have forgotten what many of the world’s countries were started for. Maybe these intentions are good, but should we take the chance that things won’t get out of hand?”

While a powerful work of fiction, Meza hopes his story remains bound only to a book.

“With all their power and authority, is it possible that people have lost sight of what makes their country great? How bad would you want to find out? It is a story I hope remains a work of fiction, and never becomes a reality,” he adds.

With an engrossing story at stake, Meza urges readers to step forward and purchase while supplies last.

‘Imperfect World’, published by FriesenPress, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/W9mKZe

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://unreasonablesacrifices.weebly.com

About Richard B. Meza
Richard B. Meza and his wife Kathy reside in the DFW area of north Texas. Richard has written other science fiction, adventure and fantasy books that he hopes will soon be available for his readers. Richard’s wife Kathy also writes children’s books. They both enjoy writing, traveling, cooking and their four cats.