Imperial Wines of London Agrees with Hanson That Petrus Is a Wise Investment

Imperial Wines of London discuss wine as an investment opportunity.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- Christies Anthony Hanson, a Master of Wine, recently remarked that Petrus is one of the best wines in which to invest, due to its lucrative average annual returns, which stand at about 14 percent. Hanson pointed out the investment potential of Petrus whilst discussing the ‘big ten’ which he would recommend investing in, five of which included first growths from Bordeaux. Imperial Wines of London agreed with Hanson’s statement that the Petrus establishment had managed to create several excellent vintages over the course of the last two decades. This, he believes, is not down to modern winemaking technology, but to the fact that the winemakers at Petrus have continued to rely upon traditional, reliable methods.

Most investors perceive wine an alternative form of investment – Imperial Wines of London find that their customers often turn to them after they have received low returns with stocks and bonds. Because the correlation between stock and wine markets is quite low, wine has always been considered a more profitable commodity in the long term.

Throughout history, fine wines have always shown themselves to be the first investments to recover and the last to fall. Even during recent times, when prices were rising and falling in very short periods of time, investors in wine have still found themselves yielding returns of more than ten percent, over the course of four years. For most Imperial Wines of London investors, fine wine investment is less about profit and more a labour of love; however, the potential for profit in this market is undeniable.

Interest in this market has spread to Asia, according to reports from Imperial Wines of London. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of Chinese investors. These investors are located all over China but for the moment, are being invoiced in Hong Kong, as there is no wine duties to be paid on cases sent to this city, whilst taxes on wine elsewhere in China stand at 47%. Although China is leading the way in terms of Asian investment in fine wine, South Korea, Taiwan and Macau are quickly catching up as more and more people discover the delights and profits of this type of investment.

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