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Imperial Wire & Cable Co. Offers Clients Quality Ethernet Cables


Ivyland, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2017 -- Imperial Wire & Cable Co. offers clients quality products such as CAT 5 and CAT 6 ethernet cables. Customers looking for cable products that are right for their computer and server needs can turn to this experienced wire distributor, which has been in business since 1979.

A reliable ethernet cable can serve as the backbone of a network and reduce instances of crosstalk, which is electromagnetic interference from other cables that cause errors and lost packets. CAT 6 cables handle up to 10 GB/s at 55 meters and have a frequency of 550 Mhz, while CAT 5 cables typically work up to 10/100 Mb/s at 100 Mhz.

In addition to selling ethernet cables, Imperial Wire & Cable Co. provides clients with a full selection of products including high-voltage power cable, welding cable, fixture wire, aerial cable, landscape lighting wire, TFFN wire, tubing, nuclear cable, TFN wire and more.

Imperial Wire & Cable Co. is committed to putting their customers first. They strive to fulfill their clients' needs by offering a comprehensive inventory, facilitating prompt deliveries and supplying excellent customer service. This company, based in Ivyland, PA, has proven to be an industry leader because of their aforementioned services and have been honored with the Recognition for Excellence Gold Award and Silver Award from the Defense Supply Center Columbus.

Clients who are interested in learning more about Imperial Wire & Cable Co. and their selection of ethernet cables or wish to buy fire alarm cable are invited to visit online at or call 888-501-4359.

About Imperial Wire & Cable Co.
Imperial Wire & Cable Co. is prepared to supply an array of products for any business or organization operating in the wire and cable sphere. Their services have been well-recognized and expanding since they were founded in 1979. Companies should seek the experts' knowledge and familiarity with the wire and cable industry at Imperial Wire & Cable Co. to ensure that they receive the highest quality of service. To learn more about the services provided by Imperial Wire & Cable Co., visit their website or call 888-501-4359 today.