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Ivyland, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2017 -- Businesses looking to buy fire alarm cable in bulk can have a difficult time making sure that their choice in cables is safe and up to code. With multiple specifications and ratings to navigate, businesses depend upon Imperial Wire & Cable Co. not only for great prices on the specialty wire and cable that they need, but also up-to-date information that they can depend on.

When it comes to choosing the right fire alarm cable, businesses should be aware of the distinction between Riser and Plenum rated cabling. For general use, Riser is the preferred type of fire alarm cable because it is less expensive than Plenum cable. Riser rated cabling is required for vertical runs in a shaft or from floor to floor, and it is approved for most all-purpose uses. On the other hand, Plenum rated cabling has to go through much more rigorous safety standards in order to meet NEC (National Electrical Code) standards because they are approved and required for use in areas with return air, such as in a duct, beneath raised floors, or above drop ceilings. Plenum rated cabling is required to be made from more expensive materials, so this type of cable is generally more expensive than Riser cable.

Businesses in need of assistance choosing the fire alarm cable that is suitable and legal for their needs are encouraged to call Imperial Wire & Cable Co. at 888-501-4359 for more information and to get a quote, or visit them online at to view their selection of cables and wiring.

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