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IMPERIOR to Launch a New Trailer in Japan


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2013 -- For the very first time, IMPERIOR jewelries launched a new trailer in Japan that feature fashion jewelry like men’s and ladies fashion bracelets, necklaces, earrings as well as badges. In this trailer IMPERIOR show that each and every design of IMPERIOR medieval fashion jewelry are completely only one of its kind and are firmly created by distinctive and advanced technology and craft techniques.

To guarantee top quality and entail the Touch of Royalty, IMPERIOR use mainly 9.25 sterling silver and they also used other essential and precious gemstones like crystals and agate. This period, IMPERIOR released a limited sequence of medieval fashion jewelries collection with the theme of The Secret Behind Imperial Age.

With different and one of a kind designs of middle century. The first sequence of IMPERIOR fashion jewelries collection comes with a partial IMPERIOR EST 2009 bronze for all set of jewelries.

This leading jewelry brand symbolizes the history of the world, marked the development of the human evolution and the Age of Kings.

The IMPERIOR have restricted production similar to other imperial treasures. Each piece of jewelry is carefully developed with state of the art material and design. The black and white contrast is one of the major features of this jewelry. It resembles the old imperial style of Europe, adds fashion and nobility to the European style.

Remnants of the Ancient

The designers indicated that in making ancient jewelries with polished effects isn’t done overnight. These designers have encountered different trials and failures prior to achieving this rare feat. First, designers have to balance copper, white and black color, whether its shape of costume jewelries that has colors. Next, designers will have to decide the material which complements their designs. Crystals can provide the public with mysterious send of light, in the same way, precious metals like black onyx stone can showcase ancient luxuries. Now, IMPERIOR makes use of metals like ancient silver, 9.25 sterling silver as well as bronze.

Designed Exclusively for Couples

The bronze isn’t only the color pursued by a lot of men, but the desired color of women as well. IMPERIOR jewelry also utilizes the color bronze, mix with silver to create an ideal jewelry made for couples.

For more information please visit their website or call their customer hotline number for the latest selection of their product.

Address: Japan